Kill Bill: Roaring Rampage Edition

Kill Bill: Roaring Rampage Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
The Bride must kill her ex-boss and lover Bill who betrayed her at her wedding ceremony, shot her in the head and took away her unborn daughter. But first, she must make the other four members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad suffer.
The purpose of the edit was to create a version of QT's films that jettisons some of his more self indulgent moments and gets the runtime down to a suitable length for a single movie. To do this I've cut some of the character development of the Death List Five Members and jettisoned anything that wouldn't affect the overall storyline, tone and pacing.
Other Sources:
Kill Bill 1 OST
Kill Bill 2 OST
Special Thanks:
To JSwert123456 for the main poster artwork and theryaney for the FE Criterion Collection version. Massive thanks to SUP3RDEATHSTAR for providing the colour faux HD footage and giving the edit some extra exclusivity
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Death List Five now meet their fate in chronological order (this actually only means Vernita Green's death happens halfway into the movie the rest is the same)
- Considerable reordering of chapters/scenes some chronological/some not
- Foreign subs hardcoded
- All chapter cards removed
- Death List Five cards added
- Beatrix Bleep outs removed
- Some minor rescoring in 2 or 3 scenes
- FAUX HD COLOUR VERSION of CRAZY 88 FIGHT (The FAUX HD Crazy 88 fight was created by an editor a while back it used the Colour Japanese Footage visually muxed with the BW bluray footage to create something close to the original colour source but in HD. The footage was kindly provided by a very helpful forum member)
Cuts and Additions:
- Opening titles cut (new custom titles added)
- Vernita Green fight trimmed (moved)
- Twin Pines Massacre aftermath partially cut (moved)
- Elle Bride Bill at hospital (moved)
- Four years later.. Coma (moved)
- Oren Ishi backstory cut
- Hanzo/Chiba restaurant scene trimmed (Hanzo sidekick cut)
- Sword ceremony (trimmed)
- Yakuza council decapitation (moved)
- Tokyo Montage minor trims
- Crazy 88 fight (COLOUR HD VERSION ADDED)
- final KB1 montage scene trimmed (moved)

- Opening titles cut
- Bride in the car cut
- Wedding of the bride scene roughly 50% cut
- Bill Budd Conversation trimmed
- Budd at work cut
- Bride Captured by Budd Trimmed
- Bride burial trimmed
- Legend of Pai Mei rice scene cut
- Bud/Elle Driver caravan scene trimmed
- Bride/Esteban scene trimmed
- Bride/Daughter Bedtime scene cut
- 'She's Not There' cover CUT!
- Bill/Bride confrontation trimmed
- Final scene trimmed
- Final titles (New titles created to incorporate cast of both movies)

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I have always been a Tarantino fan, but felt that the Kill Bill films were a little too bloated to sustain their long running time. This edit looks to make a complete and seamless edit of the two films, which I think Sinbad does excellently.

I would definitely recommend this edit to fans of Tarantino (or Kill Bill in general) that felt that enjoyed the original, but could do without the somewhat bloated running time.

A fantastic edit!

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