John Dies at the End: The (slightly longer, not much better) Extended Edition

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A simple extended edition re-inserting all of the deleted scenes featured on the Blu-Ray to the best of my ability.
I ordered a cheap copy of the film for my own viewing, and figured I might as well put this together for fun.
Special Thanks:
Malthus, for putting together the lovely poster

Everyone else who contributed to my thread

My family for encouraging me in my editing endeavors

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Cuts and Additions:
-After intro riddle, cut to Dave waking up to a call from John. This is shown a bit later as a flashback in the regular film, but this is the order it's presented in the book so I figured why not
-Add deleted scene, "Do you guys like, do this a lot?"
-Removed Dave's narration from deleted scene due to poor audio quality
-Title card now occurs 12 minutes in
-Trim Arnie conversation to remove Dave's segue into the flashback
-During party scene, replace Camel Holocaust song with studio version, because why not
-Add deleted scene, "What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen Arnie?"
-Add deleted scene, after Dave gets shot wakes up to masked man on TV laughing during the fire
-Add deleted scene, "If I die..."
-Add extended scene, "Yo, she'll be able to walk up out of here if you all cooperate"
-Add deleted scene, "Imagine a garment..."
-Add deleted Marconi interview after credits
-Various other trims to make deleted scenes fit, cutting out any shots that were reused in the regular film

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