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“I heard you were dead”

This 9 minute short of a deleted scene is so powerful in cementing Snake Plissken as a loyal and trusting friend of “Taylor” that it can be argued that John kept it out simply because it didn’t match Snakes portrayal for the rest of the film.

I like to think that the Character we see in “Escape from New York” is that of a man who’s mentally “On Duty” and the character he is portrayed in “Escape from Colorado” is that of Snake “off duty”.

This “off duty” portrayal is reflected by Snakes laid back nature once the mission is completed, as well as his very loyal and trusting nature towards his friend “Taylor”.

Even when things turned south without giving any spoilers away, Snake is so loyal to his close friends that despite his reputation of being a cold, ruthless, and uncaring to outsiders, he exhibits all the characteristics of the type of man who would put the welfare of his friends above his own. Even if it means no “Escape”

Say whatever you want about Snake, but we should all be so lucky as to have just one friend as selfless and brave as Snake in our lifetime.

As for the edit… well… there is only so much you can do with this thing… and what was done was the most you can do given it’s quality… if I could offer any suggestion for it would be to add a Grindhouse filter on the whole thing to give it that theater feel and that ambient film “pop” sound that starts at the beginning of all films from that era

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