Jennifer's Body Needless Nightmare

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A newly-possessed high-school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror?

This time with a brand new spanking soundtrack! And some other things.
I’ve always loved this film but I never liked the music all that much and it just a ran a little to long for my taste. Both of those are now changed to my liking.

I've also added back two deleted scenes that I feel like should never been cut.

During the editing I also just felt like some scenes were not needed or needed to be heavily trimmed. Essentiality I changed a whole lot more then I first started out. See my change list here for more detailed cuts.

Probably the biggest change I did was to cut out Jennifer's origin story cause that entire sequence just felt not needed to me. Not knowing is more fun then fully knowing everything but maybe that's just me.
Other Sources:
-Used Davinci Resolve for all of the editing / colour correction.
-Used YouTube for the new soundtrack.
Special Thanks:
To ArtisDead for the cover and insane amount of help for the overall edit, I could not have done it without him and his feedback and song suggestions.

You rule my dude.

To JasonFlippy for checking out an early cut and helping with his feedback.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:

-Added slight colour grade throughout the entire film.
-Removed prison opening scene.
-Removed all narration of Needy throughout the entire film.
-Removed waterfall and town introduction.
-Added Seasons Don’t Fear the Reaper by Gus as the opening song to the film.
-Added ambiance , wind, tree leaves to the opening.
-Replaced the fitness tv screen with a scene of Near Dark.
-Added the sound of Near Dark to the opening scene.
-Replaced the original music during Needy and Jennifer’s talk with Betty Davis Eyes.
-Cut Jennifer’s remark to Chip about Needy since it had music in I replaced with Longhearder.
-Cut down the couple of the bar shots which are not needed without narration.
-Added Heaven is a place on Earth to the fire bar scene.
-Cut shot of young Needy looking at a creepy tree
-Removed almost all of the ambient jumpscary sound when Jennifer comes to Needy’s home. It didn’t need to be there.
-Removed scene which showed the destroyed bar. We know it’s destroyed.
-Removed couple of students talking about Needy with instead hard cutting to Needy to keep the focus more on her.
-Replaced music originally played during the Jennifer and Jonas scene with Got My Mind Set on You.
-Replaced song that originally played during the swimming scene with sick puppies you're going down.
-Removed Low Shoulder number during the sad montage and replaced it with Oh Pretty Woman (Van Halen)
-Cut show of students singing Low Shoulder song.
-Cut some students walking in the school during the sad montage.
-Added Memories by Midnight to the sex scenes.
-Added Bella Lugosi is dead to Needy driving away from Chip.
-Added Echo and the Bunnymen instrumental version to Needy and Jennifer’s conversation in her room.
-Removed the origin story of how Jennifer became a succubus.
-Addes the song Devil Woman to the library scene.
-Added back a deleted scene which has Needy confront Jennifer in the shower and try to reverse the curse.
-Cut down Needy telling Chip to not go to the dance to make the scene drag less and be more serious.
-This scene had a lot and I mean a lot of pauses after every sentence spoken.
-Added “I Know There Is Something Going On by Frida throughout the next couple of scenes so I had sound instead of narration.
-Cut scene of other girls getting ready for the dance.
-Added back a deleted scene of Needy putting contacts in and getting ready for the dance.
-Removed scene of Chip’s mom taking his picture for the prom to make it seem that Chip is still on the fence of going or not going.
-Removed a couple of lines between Chip and Jennifer.
-Replaced the music during the swimming pool fight with Heartstopper It just felt so underwhelming to me.
-Added back a deleted scene of Needy confronting the band at the dance and scaring them away followed by another couple of scenes of more of the town reacting to the murders and Needy grabbing the toolbox knife.
-Added Heatflow Track 11 of The Guest II soundtrack over the deleted scenes and Needy morning over Chip and the fact her best friend is gone.
-The music during Needy and Jennifer’s Final fight felt incredibly underwhelming to me just like the swimming pool scene so I changed it to : Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll
-Removed Jennifer’s mom seeing her daughter’s dead body.
-Removed Prison ending scene.
-Removed Lance Henriksen cameo. (Please forgive me)
-Added Dancing in the Moonlight as the credits song.
-Added Lady Strange to the credits once Dancing in the Moonlight is over.

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Overall rating
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I just finished watching Samael's edit, and I think they did an amazing job on it! The small story structure changes worked really nicely for this new version as did the minor edits to some of the dialog!

Where this edit really shines though is the incorporation of new music throughout the movie. The music changes were perfect and fit every scene they we added to!

Oh, and I have to give a special shout out to the inclusion of Near Dark as the show Jennifer is watching at the beginning of the movie. I love that movie and it seemed perfect for that scene!

I'm really glad I had the chance to watch this edit of Jennifer's Body, it was really impressive!
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Overall rating
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I did some previewing of Samael's edit and they were very receptive to feedback and made some small changes that kept the final product smooth and clean! Very impressive work.

The music changes are fantastic, my favorites being "Don't Fear The Reaper" at the beginning and "Heartstopper" at the end, but they're all really well chosen and work with the source.

If you weren't a big fan of Diablo Cody's dialogue, this edit does a pretty good job of minimizing the cringe factor and making this into a slightly scarier movie, while adding a very cool tone with the soundtrack.

Great edit, and easily replaces the original for me!

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