Jackass 3D Extended: More Grotesque, More Spectacle

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2010; 2011
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Combining Jackass 3D and 3.5 as well as all the special features contained in the blu-rays to make a over 2 hour version of the movie to my liking. Also, with new credits and slightly altered material.
Way back when I was a small chap, my older brother showed me half of an interested film that I’ve never seen in my life. A film where a guy in a mouse suit is rolling around in hundreds of mousetraps while his friends are watching in laughter and shock.

That was Jackass: The Movie with Danger Ehren rolling around in those mousetraps.

That amazed me like no other and I have to really thank my brother for all this cause I was really fascinated by what these men did for entertainment by abusing their bodies for the hell of it.

Over 7-8 years later, I became a famous Twitter user under the name @3GoldBalls that made me feel better from all the drama surrounding my normal everyday life.

I kinda forgot about Jackass for awhile until the big lockdown in 2020, when I decided to get all the films and the T.V Boxset so I can reintroduced myself to Johnny Knoxville and the gang again.

Two years later, I decided to make a Fanedit on the 2010 technical comedy and the 2011 add-on.

Made as not only a tribute to not only Johnny Knoxville and his banded misfits, but to the ones who showed me Jackass.
Other Sources:
Jackass 3D (Unrated) Blu-Ray
- Deleted Scenes
- Outtakes
- The Making of Jackass 3D
- 3D Trailer

Jackass 3.5
- Deleted Scenes
- Outtakes

-Memories Music Video by Weezer
-“Jackass Prank” from Steve-O Youtube
-Poo Cocktail Stunt from the Jackass TV Series

Rocky Fanfare by Bill Conti
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead for your approval, editing suggestions, the poster and trailer suggestions, and your kind spirited words.

Bobson Dugnutt for the inspiration and your kind words.

Fanedit.org for being the one place where ideas run free.

3GoldBalls Family & Friends for giving constant support on this project.

The Fan and Supporters of Big House Blues Reanimated: It will be out soon, I promise.

The Jackass Cast and Crew for making us laugh for over 20 years.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
-The whole film is size has been resized from -100% to 101.5 on premiere pro
-The vibrance has been turned up to 50 to show more vibrance in most of the 3.5 footage.
-Most of the scenes have been rearranged to fit this cut of the movie.

-A New Jackass Style Disclaimer about Fanedits.
-The Netflix Style Fanedit.org logo is inserted here.
-The opening credits bares the new logo for this cut.
-The High Five has been extended to add bits from Dave England, Preston Lacy, and Steve-O along with some extras pieces of shots and conversations from Johnny Knoxville and Director of Photography Dimitry Elyashkevich with new text for this cut.
-The Jet Ski features an alternate shot from the trailer of the movie.
-Ball Way has it’s colored improved to show the colors a lot better than before.
-Snapping Turtle on a Stick has been extended from it’s 3.5 version by using the deleted scenes.
-The Jet Stream has been extended with a bit with Steve-O and the music has been readded to make the extended not that noticeable.
-The Blowback has removed the interview part and improved colors.
-Snow Tubing has removed the interview part.
-The Blue Room with Ryan Dunn features an alternated shot inside the Port-a-potty.
-Treadmill **** Show has removed the interview part and improved on colors.
-Slip N’ Bowl adds a scene with Loomis Fall.
-The Old People skit has merged with the Fat Kathy stuff from 3.5 into a newly edited part with a version of Boom Boom Pow in this cut.
-The Ugly Duckling deleted scene from 3.5 has been inserted in this cut.
-The Phantom D***o has been extended with deleted scenes from 3D and has some parts altered.
-BB Gun Nipple Piercing is a never before seen stunt that was on Steve-O’s Youtube Channel and has been edited, upscaled to 1080p, and with new text for this cut.
-The Magnifying Glass from the 3.5 deleted scenes has been inserted in this cut and the colors have been improved.
-Sweatsuit Cocktail has been extended with more of Camera Operator Lance Bangs fearing the color red with the colors improved and an extended version of the song.
-The Outtake “Magna Hurdles” has been inserted in this cut.
-Miniature Cannon with Danger Ehren has removed the interview part.
-Electric Limbo has been extended with bits by Danger Ehren and Loomis Fall and the music has been extended.
-Winter Fat F***s and the Chocolate deleted scene from 3.5 has merged together.
-The Invisible Wee has been extended with a bit with Jess Margera with new text.
-A new bit called Phantom S*** is a montage of a lot of the stunts filmed on the phantom camera.
-The Ballway Elevator has been made from the bit from 3.5 and the deleted scenes to make it the longest version there is with the song readded for a longer effect.
-Belt Sander Skates have been extended with a bit with Bam Margera.
-The Cheetah has removed the interview part.
-The bit called Release the Balls from the deleted scenes of 3D has been inserted in this cut.
-The Miniature High-Five from the outtakes of 3D has been edited and has new text.
-Walk the Plank has removed the interviewing bit and has new text.
-Magna Tennis from the outtakes of 3.5 has been edited, color improved, and features new text.
-Flying Nut High-Five has removed the interview part and is extended with a new bit by Danger Ehren.
-A outtake involving Preston Lacy and Wee Man has been inserted in this cut.
-The Skating Rocky from the deleted scenes of 3.5 has been inserted for this cut.
-Bad Dad from the deleted scenes of 3.5 has been inserted for this cut.
-Indoor Driving Range has been extended and color improved the best it could.
-The Blue Room with Andy Bell has been inserted for this cut.
-The Rockies is a new montage featuring most of the rockies from the outtakes of 3D and BB Gun Nipple Piercing with new text and a new song.(Fanfare for Rocky and extended Rocky Theme)
-Lamborghini Tooth Pull has been extended with new conversations from crew.
-Poo Cocktail Supreme has been extended with alternate angles, new conversations, and a lit clip from the original poo cocktail that has been upscaled and color improved.
-The Credits features some new footage, removes footage that was already in this cut, replaced the clipshow with the memories music video, and has new songlist and special thanks from the faneditor.
-It ends with Bam and Ryan laughing as Bam’s chair keeps falling.
-Netflix Style Fanedit.org is shown again
Final Trailer

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Loved it! I feels like it`s a real movie. I hope that jackass 1, 2 and forever get edits like this!

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Owner's reply May 21, 2023

Thanks for your kind words. If 4.5 ever gets released on bluray, there will be a forever edit. I think the most likely right now is Number Two but I have other ideas

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