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Not to sure about the comic book pages effect at the beginning with the logo as I feel just having the Marvel Studios comic book page effect is enough, after having switched to VLC Media Player I can confirm that in terms of speed and framerate it yielded far better results than when I watched it in QuickTime Player with the picture and audio quality being fine for both versions.

As to the inclusions of the deleted scenes they are blended in pretty seamlessly, the extension to the attack at the beginning really does it’s job in showing the horrors of death that can occur in the middle east and I really felt the desperation and chaos of the scene. The deleted scene with Rhodey is a welcome and positive addition to his character truly showing that he cares for Stark and is willing to put himself in danger to find him even against his generals judgement and it also explains where all those helicopters came from and how they found Tony in the first place.

I love that you managed to use the audio of the deleted end credits scene and blended it with the official end credits scene as it makes for a nice little nod to Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman, Eric Bana’s Hulk and of course the X Men Films although since there not apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s continuity (At the time this film was made) than the context of this scene might instead serve as the seed of inspiration for Tony Stark to eventually go looking for Tom Holland’s Spiderman in Captain America Civil War and references Edward Norton’s Hulk though as for the assorted mutants comment that could be foreshadowing to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s involvement in Avengers Age of Ultron.

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Owner's reply November 21, 2021

Hey, thanks for the great review!
I am sorry that you were having an issue with the playback on the video. I check my files for this prior to release. So after reading your review I tried on different players to see if I could recreate this experience and I was able to. It seems to be dependent upon the player you are using. I test my videos on VLC and I watch them on my TV via Plex before release. How were you viewing? Is there anything I can do? Let me know.

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