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Thor Ragnorok is so spectacularly awful in execution that sitting through even a shortened version is tough at times.. Still, for the benefit of this edit, I did try, and the cuts are where they need to be and are seamless. If only something had been done about the ghastly scenes with Doctor Strange.

Onto the parts that did please me, which were the additions of Infinity War and Endgame, they add so much more depth, drama and stakes to the film, and also adds to Thor's rollercoaster journey. The edit touches on every emotion, and in these final 58 minutes you do finally become invested in what the lead is going through.

Due to focusing so much on Thor, some plotlines are left open-ended and if you haven't seen the original Infinity War, you will be very lost in some respects, but it's not too jarring and you can get the gist of it. This film retains all the consequences of the original, and it doesn't forget which characters are important either.

As an edit, I would recommend it for it's technical and narrative achievements, if you love Ragnarok and these films, it is definitely worth a watch
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