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As someone who didn't see any Indiana Jones movie before adulthood (and even then, only saw Temple of Doom once), I can safely say this is a great edit. Nothing felt like it was missing, & whenever I did notice something was cut ("We're not sinking, we're craaashinnnnnnnng!"), I didn't mind because the cut was so seamless.

My only real complaint is that some of the cartoonish portrayal of Indian culture is still in tact. I understand you can only do so much trimming away, but the "chilled monkey brains" bit didn't need to be there, as we already know that the Maharaja & his advisor are in cahoots with the Thuggee Cult. Honestly, any edit of ToD should come with one of those content warnings like the Banned 13 Looney Tunes cartoons, since this movie can be a bit yikes for some people.

Still, I do think Temple of Doom is a great movie & this is another solid edit from Lapis. I didn't even realize it was their first edit for the site, so extra kudos in that regard.

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