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This is a *massive* improvement to the original - I actually found Willie to be a likeable character for a change!

When I saw Temple of Doom in the cinema on release I was fairly disappointed - I felt it was too over the top compared to Raiders, and Willie was just a screaming complainer who paled in comparison to Marion. This edit goes a long way in correcting that.

The editing is flawless and it’s only because I’ve seen the film several times over the years that I know scenes have changed - a first-time watcher wouldn’t spot anything amiss and I think everything flows extremely well. My DVD will be staying in its box in future!

I watched the fanedit on my Quest 2 VR headset via the Skybox app, which enabled the film to be watched in a (virtual) full-sized cinema. It looked excellent.

Many thanks to lapis molari for making this edit - whenever I get the itch to watch the Indy films again, Temple will no longer be the one that I’ll think, “hmmm, should I miss this one out?” :)

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