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A belated review from moi, but what can I say?

I Loved Bronson as bond, but the material he was given deteriorated with each movie as the producers lost their way in the franchise, increasingly moving to lowest common denominator decisions and making the awful transition away from practical stunts to digital, a decade too soon.

Much of that visual drivel has now THANKFULLY been excised, as have other egregious element to really polish up this entry, mercifully including the removal of "your mamma"...dear lord, what is wrong with the writers.

Had this movie been played as stright as it is here, Jinx just might have got her own spin-off franchise, but not in its original state. Sufficient quips are retained with the most cringeworthy finally hitting the cutting room floor.

The removal of the digital surf boarding is seamless, and I for one will never watch the theatrical version (which I own in 3 incarnations due to multiple box sets) again.

This now sits on the shelf, burnt to disc with about 15 other Bond Fan edits and I'm sure that in the not too distant future I will have yet abnother box set...OF FAN EDITS, consigning the theatrical versions to the trash (except Goldfinger and From Russia with Love).

Thank you for redeeming this movie. I await an HD upgrade keenly.
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