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Let me open by saying this was great, and my wife who notoriously hates "wasting her time on bad movies" actually had a lot of fun watching this with me, so huge cheers to that. You're extremely close to a perfect score in my book, and I hope you're very proud of what you've made!

Just some random thoughts:

* The deleted scene about the Food Lottery was great, really gave new meaning to "Hunger Games."
* The deleted scene where Snow talks about how Mockingjays came to be.
* Minimizing Effie's comedy works, she's so charming and sweet that I didn't need her as comic relief.
* Snow seems much more confident, scary, and intelligent. Great changes there.
* The opening of Episode 6 is fantasic, my favorite opening of the series.
* Letting Haymitch grow on us naturally instead of being told he's "a good guy deep down."
* Minimizing Plutarch's introduction was good because P.S.H. is a huge presence already.
* Most of the shortened scenes went completely unnoticed by me, and when I did notice them it was as a positive.
* The epilogue was really cool to see in the credits. I liked this choice a lot, it felt like a nice soft happy moment.

* Removing Peeta's painting plotline made the Rue painting on the floor in the Quarter Quell a bit confusing.
* In Episode 8 @24:50, there is a 40 second scene of black screen while Katniss does Gale's stitches (missing scene?)
* As the other review said, the length of each episode is a bit odd, not bad but just felt a little random.
* I would have personally ended Episode 6 right when Peeta is knocked out @46:50, moved pieces of the last 6 mins to Episode 7

Great work!

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