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2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015
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Brief Synopsis:
The full story of Katniss Everdeen but told in the mini-series format which contains many surprises, deleted scenes and new music and score by many different artists.

This first started out as a Mockingjay fanedit, but there was so much excellent material I thought it would be a shame to cut anything from it, so I began to deconstruct the 4 films into 50 min episodes instead, with a beginning, middle, and cliffhanger ending and updating the music as I wasn't too fond of the 'Last of Us' type score during dramatic scenes.
Other Sources:
(Series 1)
Episode 1 - The Reaping
Episode 2 - The Hunger Games
Episode 3 - The Victors
Episode 4 - The Quarter Quell

(Series 2)
Episode 5 - Catching Fire
Episode 6 - The Hanging Tree
Episode 7 - Spark of Rebellion
Episode 8 - The Mockingjay

End Credit Music :
2Cellos - Welcome to the Jungle
Tears for Fears - Suffer the Children
Slowdive - Go Get it
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar
Boards of Canada - Come to Dust
Crystal Castles - Child I Will Hurt You
Slowdive - Blue Skied an' Clear

Video Source : Hunger Games 4-film Collection (blu-ray)

Other Artists Featured :
Episode 1: Slowdive - Beginning (part 4)
Episode 4 : Thomas Köner - Diakan (excerpt)
Episode 5 : Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Harlequin Delight, Outside, Silence. Robin Guthrie - Kerosine
Episode 6 : Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Gaze, Pleasant, if not deadly.
Episode 7 : Aphex Twin - Rhubarb
Episode 8 : Harold Budd & John Foxx, Brian Eno, Robin Guthrie : Almost Overlooked, How Close Your Soul, First Light

Albums by Artist :
Welcome to the Jungle [Single] by 2Cellos
Ágætis byrjun [LP] by Sigur Rós
Tomorrows Harvest [LP] by Boards of Canada
The Hurting [LP] by Tears for Fears
Slowdive [LP] by Slowdive
III [LP] by Crystal Castles
Pearl Diving [LP] by Robin Guthrie
Another Flower [LP] by Robin Guthrie; Harold Budd
Bordeaux [LP] by Robin Guthrie; Harold Budd
Selected Ambient Works Volume II [LP] by Aphex Twin
Daikan [Single] by Thomas Köner
It'll End in Tears [LP] by This Mortal Coil
I'm the Elephant, U Are the Mouse (Soundtrack) [Unreleased] by Slowdive

Special Thanks:
digmodification for Fanedit Logo intro

Release Information:
Editing Details:
Paid close attention to making sure each episode had a beginning middle and end and also a cliffhanger, as I wanted to make sure it felt like it was made as a streaming series.
The music choices I spent a very long time selecting and probably one of the most fun things while working on this project.
Cuts and Additions:
Episode 1 :
Cut the Seneca and Caesar scene during the opening.

Re-arranged opening scenes to introduce Katniss better.
Inserted Deleted scene of Prim's Nightmare and Gale explaining the Food Lottery system.

Removed shot of Effie so she's introduced on the microphone first instead.

Removed Katniss watching the games on TV, thought it ruined the surprise of
what the games are going to be like from Peetas and her POV + the audiences.

Removed all the scenes that forced/introduced Cato as the main villain.

Episode 2:
Removed all the shots of Woody Harrelson to make him sympathetic.

Removed the announcers in a couple scenes so Katniss and the viewer discover how to disarm the traps
on her own.

Removed Peeta's stupid makeup plotline and Rue introduction.

Episode 3:
Removed shot of Seneca during the Dog chase, it broke up the tension.

Removed morning after scene

Removed Cato speech

Removed Effies comedy scene about gold items

Removed another reshoot of Woody trying to be a sympathetic character line
"Them! What about them?"

Condensed the Party scene, cut the long walk to get to the party.

Condensed The New Gamemaker character introduction (Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

Removed the first meeting with Plutarch and President Snow,
their dialog felt a little too over the top (floggings and weddings etc)

Deleted scene added : Snows dialog about what the Mockingjay is and what Mutts are has been re-inserted, color corrected and music mixed

Removed Haymitch throwing his bottle at a hologram TV.

Removed Katniss line "...Peeta." while shes crying in the snow

Episode 4:
Effie gets right to what the Quarter Quell is, removed some comedy bit with her.

Cut scene of Beetee and partner laughing like idiots.

Deleted scene added : Fennick rope scene in the training room, with proper music mix

Cut Katniss Bow Hologram Practice Scene (action porn), we already know shes a good hunter
it's just over-kill for her character at this point for the viewer.

Cut Beetees intro on stage.

Cut Katniss line about Peeta.

Cut audio ramblings that ruin the surprise on the other side of the door

Cut Katniss angry expression (which originally lead to a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser animation)

Episode 5:
Added on screen forced narratives for all of the Districts (this film jumps around a lot, and it's needed)

Cut opening, Episode starts with Katniss and Prim in the hospital room and then she is asked to meet with President Coin,
also cut Katniss meeting Gale in the hangar, it jumps to the Hunger Games title card then to the jet taking off, after Coin says "Sure, let her go"

Deleted scene added : Katniss leaving District 12 with Buttercup and taking off in the hovercraft with Gale.

Removed audio line of Katniss saying "you're alive" it works better with her just mouthing it while she's watching the TV screen.

Deleted scene added : BeeTee trying to contact other Districts with his radio to join the rebellion.

Trimmed President Snow seeing Katniss on the monitor, now the attack is a surprise instead of him explaining it.

Re-arranged the speech scene, cut the propaganda video of Katniss, it cuts from Katniss crying on the battlefield to Coin introducing The Mockingjay and saying they will be showing the video later tonight in the Capitol, the message is still conveyed that she (Katniss) hates what she's doing and seeing through the cracks.

Cut Fennick line to Katniss during Snow's speech about the propaganda piece.

Episode 6:
Bombing of District 7 starts the episode

Deleted scene added : Cut and trimmed this scene of Cressida being very tone deaf and media-centric to the filming the bombing site.

New music by Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie during Gales speeches.

Condensed the Hanging Tree song at the lake, it goes on too long, now she sings a few lines and it cuts to them gloating over the
the propaganda video they edited.

Removed the rebels singing the Hanging Tree song completely.

Cut the shot of Katniss running to the kitchen to yell for Prim. It makes no sense for this scene to be there, as she already assumes she's with her mom in the next scene.

Episode 7:
Re-arranged the shots during Peeta asking for a nightlock pill and cut his line saying Katniss called him a mutt, Gale says if it gets too bad he'll shoot him himself (this ends the episode).

Episode 8:
Cut Katniss loading up the pill

Trimmed up the two brothers dialog in the sewer

Deleted scene added : Gale getting sewed up

Cut Peeta and Gale talking about Katniss while shes laying 5 feet away

Removed Epilogue and created a mid-credit scene with it instead (no dialog)

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Let me open by saying this was great, and my wife who notoriously hates "wasting her time on bad movies" actually had a lot of fun watching this with me, so huge cheers to that. You're extremely close to a perfect score in my book, and I hope you're very proud of what you've made!

Just some random thoughts:

* The deleted scene about the Food Lottery was great, really gave new meaning to "Hunger Games."
* The deleted scene where Snow talks about how Mockingjays came to be.
* Minimizing Effie's comedy works, she's so charming and sweet that I didn't need her as comic relief.
* Snow seems much more confident, scary, and intelligent. Great changes there.
* The opening of Episode 6 is fantasic, my favorite opening of the series.
* Letting Haymitch grow on us naturally instead of being told he's "a good guy deep down."
* Minimizing Plutarch's introduction was good because P.S.H. is a huge presence already.
* Most of the shortened scenes went completely unnoticed by me, and when I did notice them it was as a positive.
* The epilogue was really cool to see in the credits. I liked this choice a lot, it felt like a nice soft happy moment.

* Removing Peeta's painting plotline made the Rue painting on the floor in the Quarter Quell a bit confusing.
* In Episode 8 @24:50, there is a 40 second scene of black screen while Katniss does Gale's stitches (missing scene?)
* As the other review said, the length of each episode is a bit odd, not bad but just felt a little random.
* I would have personally ended Episode 6 right when Peeta is knocked out @46:50, moved pieces of the last 6 mins to Episode 7

Great work!

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Overall rating
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The quality and editing were great. This felt a lot like a real miniseries with pretty good intros and cliffhangers, and many of the added songs were a nice touch. The first few episodes and the last ones were fantastic, with the middle ones more hit and miss for me.

I don't normally like Movie to TV edits but because of how connected the second through fourth movies are, and how much the final two movies dragged on, I thought this series might benefit from this format, and for the most part it succeeded.

My biggest issue with Movie to TV edits is that the pacing is usually messed up, and this is no exception. The first two episodes felt great, but the middle set got messy.

E1 - Loved everything about this episode and the addition of the deleted scenes. The pacing is great and the cliffhanger is at a good spot.

E2 - Again another great episode. I really liked that the Peeta painting himself subplot was removed. The transition was pretty well done, though noticeable. Some of the ending songs worked for me and others didn't. 1st was great, the 2nd felt out of place being so upbeat. This series is supposed to be really bleak so some of the outros being upbeat and happy feel out of place.

E3 - This is where the pacing is getting messed up. The first 5 minutes wrap up the climax of the original movie and then speed right into the next which end up making the conclusion to the first hunger games really anticlimactic and rushed. The rest of the episode is great with a good ending spot.

E4 - While this episode is pretty well done it is considerably longer than the rest. Nearly 30 minutes longer than all the other episodes and you can feel it. I kind of think this one could have been split into two episodes. But it ends well!

E5 - Fantastic episode again, and I loved the ending.

E6 - Another good episode, with pretty good pacing throughout. I like that the Hanging Tree song stuff was minimized

E7 - Pacing was a little worse this episode. I think everything could have been sped up a bit more.

E8 - Closed it off so well! I'm glad you cut Gale and Peeta talking about Katniss in the sewer, and then the music up to the end and through the credits was well chosen. The epilogue as a post credits scene was a nice touch as well.
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