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Firstly I'll say this is the fan edit I didn't know I needed :P before I watched this edit I did not realise the reason I haven't watched Hook since I was a kid is because I find the movie somewhat slow, bloated and unfocused, which was unconsciously causing me to avoid it.

I tremendously enjoyed this edit :D thanks for making it. Conceptually its great and I didn't notice any jarring narrative issues.

I won't be able to review every change as I simply don't remember the unedited film well enough but I particularly like the tightened up beginning, much better pacing, gets to the point much more effectively and basically cutting entirely the "neverland makes you forget" thing that bogs down some later parts of the movie.

As for the editing, bearing in mind that the best edits were the ones I didn't notice and so can't rave about them here, was largely good. There were only three negative issues worth talking about here (forgive me :P you did ask for a review)

- The "falling through vines" cut at 00:43:34 was super harsh (on the video and audio) I assume there was a reason but that bit kicked my mind out of the experience
- There is an audio/dialogue weirdness at 00:44:56 where Tinkerbell has an extra line in the background that's really quiet (I watched with HiFi headphones) the line is "Hook has got his kid's", Is there a technical reason that's there or a mistake?
- This is the only one I'd call a "bad" creative choice, the "I have a plan scene" at 01:19:57 was unnecessary, it makes the two cuts either side of it kinda rough and you seem to have cut a voice line when peter clearly continues to talk. I would have preferred a fade to black on the wide shot just before that then cut to the "preparing for battle" scene

I will say again that I had a great time with this edit before I bullet point some other issues I noticed but that are largely unimportant ;P

- There are some harsh dips and flicker to "pure black" either side of your title cards with the yellow font (I think I can only see this because of how my TV is tuned, I believe this is the kind of thing reference monitors are used for but I'm not an expert)
- I think I noticed an audio pop at 00:14:59 (Can only tell with headphones and it may have been in the source)
- "mermaids" to "pan's back" cut was just a little jarring

Side Note -
Anyone else find the "boy kissing a sleeping girl (on the lips even) while her mum watches" scene kinda creepy in 2021, I wouldn't want to cut it but I wonder if some creative editing could turn it into an implied "forehead kiss" I mean Pan is supposed to be super innocent. Although this is straying into censorship which I don't like either so what can ya do :/

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