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TM2YC’s Entirely Respectable Editions of the Hobbit trilogy are exactly what they claim to be and more! While I am familiar enough with the originals to occasionally recognize when a scene was cut, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t, for the editing is expertly done. Only the most absurd and silly moments are removed without much, if any, restructuring, making the films more tonally consistent throughout as well as more inline with the LOTR trilogy.
My only dissatisfaction came from personal preference. Though I believe it was toned down some, I would like the love triangle removed entirely as it feels tacked on and detracts from Tauriel’s strong character. Also, the final battle itself drags on far too long. While most of the ridiculousness from the battle has been removed, there are still several moments left in that seem far too implausible and only serve to drag out the battle (and sooo many fake-out deaths/moments). I found myself losing immersion and checking the time once or twice. But other than those two minor personal preferences, this trilogy far exceeded my expectations for a Hobbit edit!

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