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This fan edit is fantastic! The quality of the editing was top-notch and the episodic format was a spark of genius! Having the flexibility to watch the fan edit in one-hour bite-size pieces was extremely convenient. Although there is some cringe that didn't cut and some narrative inconsistencies, this fan edit was a job well done overall!

What I loved:
- Quality of the visual cuts and transitions
- Quality of the audio cuts and transitions
- Feels like a complete story, despite removing the main villain
- 5-episode mini-series format

What I didn't love:
- The extremely cringey scenes where the Goblin King sings, I was very surprised that these were not removed from an anti-cringe cut
- I also cringed during the trolls scene where one of them was talking about boogers and other annoying dialogue
- Gandalf mentions to Elrond in Episode 2 they encountered orcs, but they didn't encounter any in Episode 1
- Kili is seriously wounded after the barrel ride, but we never see him get hurt
- Bard grabs the black arrow inside his home, but then later his son Bain has to risk life and limb to give it to him, which reminded me that the scene of Bain hiding the black arrow in a boat was cut

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