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(Updated: March 07, 2021)
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Finally got a chance to watch both part 1 and 2! Great work overall! Solid edit, which is huge to combine 3 movies, way more work than normal edits for sure!

This was a fun way to watch - I loved the chapter additions, it helped create pivot points that I think helped when watching a very long movie like this. The additions of a "Prologue" which allowed Thorin's story to start first, was a nice way to balance Bilbo and Thorin's journey, and just sets up the plot better.

The main criticism are personal preference: I think it went a little more serious than I was expecting (I miss some of the silliness,) and overall I'm not a fan of the bespoke color timing and vignette Halos, A couple flashback scenes work, but for me most of the time it was just a distraction. A couple other little notes about narrative I noticed and sent directly to the editor.

Overall this was clearly edited with a lot of love, and deserves a viewing for hardcore Tolkien lovers for sure
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