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I saw probably every version of the Hobbit movie(s) including theatrical and extended editions, as well as most edits out there. Wraith is the only one who first of all was able to make this feel less like a kid's movie, by cutting out all the unfunny attempts of humor.

Secondly, by removing all the unnecessary parts and well done reediting, the movie has more of a natural flow of the main story, which is captivating enough when the emphasis is put on it. It always felt clear to me that Peter Jackson (or the studio) felt the main story had to be stretched into 3 parts and other stuff on the side was just crammed into it, to reach the intended run times but also to give the fans more "original LOTR content" on screen. However this cost the movie (s) and story a lot of credibility that it already needed due the fact that the base story came from a children's book.

This edit "repairs" this by trying to create the story and give it the look and feel as it was supposed to be in order to be a standalone part of the LOTR universe that can be taken serious.

Though there were some (really small things) that I noticed or would have changed, this is just a personal taste so I will not mention them here. I rather want to thank Wraith for creating this experience for everyone who chooses to view this edit, which I highly recommend.

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