Hamlet 2: Mr. Marschz's Opus

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Rock me sexy Jesus!
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Those who can't... teach. Dana Marschz (Pronounced Marschz) can't act, so what else could he do to follow his dream but teach Highschool drama.

When his world begins to fall apart he has no choice but to try to stage the most insane musical every conceived. A sequel to Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' with a little help from a time-machine plot device.

This is the extended edition. This Mr. Marschz's Opus.
TAKE ME TO YOUR CINEMA presents a simple fanedit of a crazy film.

Although I'm not 100% sure if it's genius or madness, 'Hamlet 2' is fast becoming one of my favourite cult-comedies, so there isn't much that needed improving. I just wanted to see the deleted footage restored to it's proper place, add a missing sombre titlecard to the last act and to remove the few scenes that strayed away from following Steve Coogan's wonderfully unhinged performance as Dana Marschz.
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'Heaven's Gate' Soundtrack (Ella's Death)
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Thanks to whatever mentally-ill person (or persons) agreed to let them make this film.
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This is a fairly light edit of a cult favourite film of mine, that I've done in a couple of evenings. I've simply added the deleted scene of Dana and his wife not having sex and trimmed a few scenes/moments where the focus shifted away from Dana. When we were not watching him, the crazy factor dipped a bit, so I wanted to fix that.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added FE.org titlecard
- Added TM2YC titlecard
- Removed 'Focus Features' titlecard (It's followed by another FF title anyway)
- Changed 'Hamlet 2' titlecard to add new fanedit title
- Added deleted scene of Dana and Brie. Colour graded footage to match the rest of the movie. Added extra soundFX and added brief piece of linking music from 'Heaven's Gate'
- Removed scene of Rand betraying Mr Marschz to Principle Rocker (It wasn't needed for the plot and didn't feature Dana)
- Removed brief scene of Brie and Gary driving away (We didn't need to cutaway from Dana's misery)
- Shortened intro to scene of kids talking (The first half wasn't about Dana so it had to go)
- Removed scene of Cricket being interviewed (It had nothing to do with Dana)
- Brought forward and trimmed scene of Rand agreeing to come back (I didn't want it to interupt the flow of the musical and it reflects better on Rand that he comes back straight away, rather than after he's seen the success)
- Added Epilogue titlecard (It felt odd that the faux-artsy titlecards were dropped for the final act, so I wanted to correct that)
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

Trailer(Features naughty language. You have been warned!)

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If you liked Hamlet 2 the first time, you'll enjoy this new edit from TM2YC. It's a very gentle edit, so much so that only a couple of scenes have been altered, but I think the added focus on Dana and the uninterrupted performance of Hamlet 2 are an improvement and help tighten up this little comedy gem. Some edits make you feel like you've been raped... in the FACE!! But this one won't, because it's good. Thank you for rocking me, sexy TM2YC.

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