Halloween: The TV Terror Cut

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Halloween: The TV Terror Cut
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The Night He Was on TV!
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Brief Synopsis:
When Halloween was sold for broadcast to NBC in 1980, it became necessary to create additional scenes to fill the TV time slot. Using the crew of Halloween II, director John Carpenter commenced a three-day shoot of all-new scenes and alternate footage that was then added to the original version.

The TV Terror Cut is an attempt to add back these scenes from the TV cut into the feature film to created the longest version of Halloween.
I wanted to create a HD version of the film with the shot-for-TV footage and see how the film flows with these new scenes.
Other Sources:
Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition (2013): Feature film came from arguably the best transfer of the film
Halloween - 2 Disc Special Edition (1999): Title card placement and some audio transitions borrowed from here (as the TV cut was included on disc 2)
Release Information
Special Features
- TV Terror Cut Trailer
- TV Footage Restoration Comparison
Cuts and Additions:
- Added Dr. Loomis argues with 2 other doctors about transferring Michael Myers to a minimum-security-sanatorium (taking place a few months after young Michael kills his sister)
- Added Loomis talking to a 'comatose' young Michael about fooling the doctors, but not him
- Added Loomis looking at the room where Michael was held in the sanatorium and managed to escape.
- Added Laurie's friend coming over and talking about the guy that was following them
Cover art by Bobson Dugnutt (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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