Halloween II: The Return of Michael Myers

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A combo edit of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills made to feel like a singular experience both in narrative and runtime. Halloween Kills events have been shifted into the Halloween 2018 narrative while lots of music cues have been changed to better suit this particular edit. Some scenes have been cut to get us into the action sooner while other scenes have been cut due to poor audience reception (every single Tivoli bit is gone from Halloween Kills).
My original intention was to just make a simple copy and paste edit of these two movies with the two edits I'd already done of them and then call it a day. As I really sat and took a look at them though I realized that there was so much more that could be done. You could definitely make this feel like its own unique viewing experience. My intention them became to cut the runtime of 2018 down even further and seriously restructure Kills.
Other Sources:
Halloween Kills Extended Cut
The Fog motion picture soundtrack by John Carpenter
Freesound.org sound effects
Special Thanks:
Thank you so much to ArtisDead for yet another great poster and both ArtisDead and JorytheGreat for being the first to preview this edit. Their contributions were greatly appreciated.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
1. Halloween Kills 78 flashback used to start movie. Gunshots and dialogue from Halloween II (“call the police… tell the sheriff i shot him…”) play over newly constructed studio credits with “The Shape Stalks” from Halloween 78 extended into it.
2. Trimmed Lonnie being bullied.
3. Inserted scene of Lonnie seeing Michael behind bushes from Halloween Kills extended cut.
4. Cut Lonnie aplologizing for bullying Tommy Doyle to Michael.
5. Trimmed Lonnie’s dialogue to the cops.
6. Cut McCabe dialogue before being attacked. Shot cropped to maintain continuity.
7. Cut Hawkins talking to Loomis.
8. New opening credits created to more accurately represent this edit. Pumpkin from Halloween 2018 and score “Halloween Kills End Titles” used.
9. New “October 28th, 2018” title card added.
10. Trimmed Aaron and Dana talking about Michael.
11. Cut Sartain mentioning Tivoli and trimmed other moments with the mental patients.
12. Rescored very end of Smith’s Grove scene with “Mannequin Panic” from the Halloween 2018 soundtrack.
13. Cut Dana and Aaron meeting Laurie and Laurie watching Allyson in school. Gun range now first time we see her.
14. Added “October 30th, 2018” and “Haddonfield, Illinois” title cards.
15. Cut “peanut butter on my penis” line and trimmed Ray’s dialogue afterwords.
16. Trimmed dialogue with Allyson and her friends.
17. Cut Laurie dry firing shotgun with the gun right by her freaking face.
18. Cut Laurie drinking in her car.
19. Trimmed Ray’s dialogue at dinner.
20. Cut Laurie referring to Michael as “The Shape” at dinner.
21. Cut hunter and son stumbling upon bus crash. Cut Hawkins finding hunter’s body because of this.
22. Cut scene with Hawkins and Sheriff in the hospital with Sartain.
23. Trimmed Laurie watching news footage.
24. Cut entire scene of Laurie sneaking into Karen’s house.
25. Trimmed Michael’s attack on the Dana and Aaron.
26. Centered shot of Michael from the inside of the car after he’s retrieved his mask. Cut blank black screen that followed.
27. Removed two shots of trick or treaters to be repurposed later.
28. Trimmed initial Julian and Vicky scene.
29. Trimmed Dave arrival at Julian’s.
30. Inserted initial bar scene from Halloween Kills (Tommy’s speech). Masked out “Halloween Night 2018” from establishing shot.
31. Cut Vanessa and Marcus talking about botched Halloween party.
32. Drastically altered Tommy’s speech and trimmed 1978 flashbacks.
33. Cut Vicky pretending to talk to someone in Julian’s room.
34. Vicky’s attack trimmed with Julian’s dialogue omitted.
35. Repurposed trick or treater footage used to cut away from small children wearing Silver Shamrock masks. Done to prevent redundancy with teenagers from Kills who wear them.
36. Cut away from Silver Shamrock masks when Laurie pulls up to Julian’s house.
37. Trimmed Hawkins in Julian’s house.
38. Cut Hawkins seeing Dave’s tattoo.
39. Trimmed dialogue between sheriff and Hawkins and shots of Vicky’s body.
40. Trimmed scene of Laurie arriving at Karen’s house.
41. Rescored Allyson seeing Oscar’s body with “Michael Kills” from Halloween 2018. “Shape Hunts Allyson” repurposed later.
42. Trimmed Laurie giving guns to Ray and Karen.
43. Cut Sartain wearing Michael’s mask.
44. Inserted scene of Cameron finding Hawkin’s body from Halloween Kills.
45. Inserted bar scene two (the gang talks to the bartender, Cameron calls Lonnie).
46. Cut footage of Cameron at crime scene.
47. Cut banh mi sandwich talk with the cops.
48. Trimmed Michael stomping on Sartain’s head.
49. Cut shot of Michael watching the cops.
50. Trimmed Laurie turning off lights in her house.
51. Ray’s demise rescored with restructured “The Fog Enters Town” by John Carpenter with stinger added. “Ray’s Goodbye” repurposed later.
52. Cut Michael stumbling after killing Ray.
53. Added footsteps and sound of Karen picking up garage door opener.
54. Cut Allyson stumbling upon mannequins in the Forrest.
55. Trimmed Laurie looking for Michael as well as mannequin room scene.
56. Cut “Happy Halloween MIchael.”
57. House on fire trimmed and rescored with extended “The Shape Hunts Allyson” from Halloween 2018. Minor changes to sound design.
58. Cut closeup of Allyson holding knife.
59. Inserted scene of bar goers watching news footage.
60. Cut Tivoli and Julian out of news footage and cut parking lot scene with Tivoli. All Tivoli footage cut from Kills.
61. Cut scene of Laurie screaming “let it burn.”
62. Trimmed firefighter scene.
63. Trimmed elderly couple death scenes.
64. Cut scene with cops seeing massacre at Laurie’s compound.
65. Cut hospital scenes with Allyson seeing Sartain’s body.
66. Inserted Big John and Little John with trick or treaters. Trimmed beginning of the scene.
67. Trimmed Karen and Allyson talking to cops at the hospital.
68. Trimmed hallways scene with Karen, Allyson, and Cameron.
69. Cut Halloween 2018 flashbacks while Allyson is giving Laurie the knife.
70. Cut Allyson’s “Michael Myers has haunted this town for 40 years…”
71. Cut Tommy referencing his “altercation” with Michael earlier in the night as this doesn’t happen now.
72. Trimmed park scene (Marcus and Vanessa talking about gun, Lindsay talking to kids).
73. Trimmed Marcus’s death scene.
74. Cut music and recreated sound design for Michael looking at Vanessa’s body.
75. Rescored Michael vs Lindsay with a combo of “The Shape Kills” and “Ray’s Goodbye” from Halloween 2018. Trimmed scene.
76. Changed shot composition of Michael chasing Lindsay.
77. Trimmed Tommy’s dialogue at the park.
78. Cut scene with Lindsay talking to everyone by the cars after she’s been found.
79. Cut Brackett and random woman saying “evil dies tonight.”
80. Trimmed both Laurie stabbing herself with needle and her dialogue to Karen afterwards.
81. Moved up scene with map of Haddonfield in Lonnie’s car.
82. Cut entire second Big/Little John scene.
83. Cut entire Tivoli chase in the hospital and all small hospital bits included in it.
84. Cut hospital scene with Laurie and Hawkins talking about “Michael’s masterpiece” including second and third 1978 flashbacks.
85. Cut both the 1978 and 2018 flashbacks while Hawkins talks about Michael looking at his reflection.
86. Hawkins saying Michael’s “wants only one thing” played over a shot of the Myers house.
87. Cut Karen and Tommy in the parking lot.
88. Michael storms out of the closet earlier now.
89. Trimmed Michael slamming Cameron’s head on the stairs.
90. Cut Allyson yelling “ DO IT!” as Michael tries to stab her. Restructured “Unkillable” from Halloween Kills to do it.
91. Trimmed Karen goading Michael to chase her.
92. Cut Karen saying “gotcha” by the car as it’s too repetitive.
93. Cut Laurie’s final monologue. Restructured version of “Michael’s Legacy” used to accomplish this.
94. Cut Karen imagining 6 year old Michael in the window.
95. Finale restructured. We now see how Michael escaped the mob simultaneously with him murdering Karen.
96. Mob murders trimmed with some shots from extended cut used.
97. Michael looking at his reflection used as final shot.
98. Custom closing credits created to accurately represent the cast and crew of this edit.
99. “Halloween Kills End Titles” extended.

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Halloween edits hold a special place in my heart - one only need look at my own fanediting resume to realise how much I love the series. So, whenever a new edit based on this seasonal franchise is announced, I do get quite excited, particularly if it's released around the appropriate time of year - basically September of October! What's more, when it's coming from Ryantology, it ups the ante even more as he's a massive fan of the series and just happens to be an excellent editor too.

Now, I was already impressed with his take on the mess that is Halloween Kills, when he released his recut version earlier this year. It didn't quite save the film for me, but at least it made it more than watchable for me. With the release of Halloween II: The Return of Michael Myers though, he's taken a huge leap forward and created a very special edit indeed. This is the kind of edit that is to be truly treasured, it's that good.

Combining Halloween 2018 and Kills, to make a digestible feature length slasher movie is not an easy task. I know that originally Ryantology was looking at around 2 hours and 40 minutes, but thankfully he's managed to push the envelope much further, to take some risks, and presents a movie of around 2 hours and 16 minutes. But, could the narrative remain intact... could the important character beats survive, and would the awful dialogue and use of classic OG characters from Kills be improved at all? The answer to all these questions is yes... hell yes.

The biggest improvement with this edit comes with the way Halloween Kills now actually feels like it has a purpose, and believe it or not, some narrative focus. There's a brilliant touch when we are introduced to Tommy Doyle, Marion, Lyndsey and Lonnie during the events of Halloween 2018. It works so well that you would never know that it was never intended that way, and more importantly it makes Tommy and company far more likeable, allowing the characters to be introduced in a well paced manner. They feel like they belong in the story now, not just shoehorned in for the sake of it. True, nothing can save the fact that they don't have enough to do - and that Kills should have been about these characters really, but it's a huge leap forward from what we had. Plus, the stupid mob scenes are basically gone - thank you so much for this!

Halloween 2018 is significantly better too. I loved the way Laurie is introduced, and that the English reporters don't even get to meet her now. It's much more to the point, and surprisingly gives much more believability to Laurie's PTSD and obsession over Michael. Less is more, and Ryantology drives this home so skillfully here. All the awkward Danny McBride humour is more or less gone, and whilst one could argue that there were some opportunities to trim Halloween 2018 even further, that really is down to personal preference, and should not take away the sterling work done here.

I know that Ryantology had some obstacles with sound levels during some of the scenes which had new music added, but these have now been corrected on the version I saw. Talking of which, the new music additions work seamlessly. I was a bit worried when "The Shape Hunts Allyson" was missing during that scene where she comes face to face with Michael for the first time, but I should have known that Ryantology knew what he was doing, and it appeared during the finale in excellent fashion. Also, I never ever thought using music from John Carpenter's "The Fog" would work here - but it really does, and just made me smile big time.

Overall, this is one of the best Halloween edits I've ever seen. Ryantology should be proud of what he's achieved. As faneditors, we don't necessarily set out to "replace" theatrical versions, more to offer alternate takes and granted, if you loved Halloween 2018 and Kills the way they are, that would be the case for you here. Personally speaking, this is a replacement for both films. I seriously can't see myself going back to the theatrical versions, particularly for Kills. An editor at the top of his game - truly inspirational stuff.
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Overall rating
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Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Ryantology did a phenomenal job creating this edit. I enjoy both Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, and I think that this edit did both films justice. He did a great job combining them to make a single film, and I agree with the cuts and changes that were made. Everything was made very smoothly, I was unable to tell where trims and changes were made. The trims in Halloween Kills were very good-not everyone was a fan of the "Evil Dies Tonight" repeated line and the other mental patient. The movie works without those. Overall, I score this 10/10 on all categories, and recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the Halloween franchise!

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Ryantology has knocked this one out of the park. I cannot recommend this edit enough. I thought 2018 Halloween was a great movie, even with a couple of flaws in it. But 2021 Halloween Kills had MANY more flaws. Bad writing at parts, a lot just giving lip service to fans, or filling gaps that didn't need it that seemed like fodder to fill time. What Ryantology does here is make both films tightened up, via pacing, and clean edits. His Removal of the music when Allison discovers her friends body from 2018, putting just as great music in as a substitute, and then repurposing such a great music score to the "end" of 2018 Halloween was genius. Instead of feeling like a triumphant ending, it pushes the story and the images to keep the story going.

There were a lot of flaws, as I said, with Kills. And Ryantology moves the sequence of events in both movies to sharpen the pace, editing out the silly one liners, the dialogue that was just useless, and a couple of moments that absolutely did not need to be in the film. Including the Hospital craziness, the entire red herring 2nd escaped patient portion, and makes the vigilante plot really resonate more with the editing out of the silly parts. THIS EDIT WORKS!

Nothing is missing. No obvious cuts that take you away from the film, it flows very smooth, the audio edits are unnoticeable, and score with dialogue with effects seem like a high quality full release quality. His re-pacing and timing on all of it is fantastic.

I am a HUGE Halloween fan, and saw both 2018 and 2021 in the theater. My wife couldn't go to 2021. And she still hasn't seen it. I am actually going to show her THIS EDIT rather than the other film, because I think it's superior, and clever, and an incredible statement on the skills and art that Ryantology has to make a masterwork like this.


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