Halloween Homecoming

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Halloween Homecoming
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Fear Comes Home
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Halloween Resurrection came after the success of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, where it appeared that Laurie Strode had once and for all destroyed infamous serial killer and her brother, Michael Myers, aka The Shape. Therefore, trying to explain away just how he could have survived such a definitive and crowd pleasing ending, was always going to put the film makers involved in another sequel in a very difficult position. That aside, Resurrection decided to kill off Laurie Strode in the first 10 minutes of the film.

The rest of the film played with the concept of a media company, Dangertainment, inviting some lucky teenage entrants to try and spend a night in the house of Michael Myers, on Halloween no less. This concept, with all the web cameras etc was actually quite an intriguing one to bring to the series. However, annoying characters such as Freddie (played by Busta Rhymes) reduced the film to a bit of an embarrassment, especially when it came to poking fun at Michael and having Freddie defeat him by using his kung fu no less.
Halloween Homecoming is an attempt to recut and slightly restructure the film, to give it more of a "Halloween" feel, to ensure The Shape is more terrifying and that he is never seen as a joke. Character scenes are trimmed to try and make them more likeable and Laurie Strode no longer dies at the start of the movie, ensuring that a new finale unfolds here in this edit. New music is added, there is an "alternate audio track" as well, and a brand new title sequence has been created.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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Sophie Welch
Bionic Bob
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Special Features
- Audio Commentary

- Alternate Audio Track - featuring a different score, including music by Le Matos from the film Summer of '84, plus more music from Halloween II and Halloween III by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth

- Fanedit Trailer
Cuts and Additions:
** Please note: the “alternate audio track” includes different music plus added sound effects, such as added breathing from The Shape – visually, the edit is the same **

- New opening title sequence created, showing how it was not The Shape who was beheaded at the end of H20.
- Dialogue between the nurses trimmed (as the title sequence shows the end events of H20, there is no need for their exposition as well)
- Laurie Strode is introduced at the Sanatorium, but she does not die at the start of the film
- When Sara is raising her concerns to Jen about their upcoming appearance on the Dangertainment show, some of Jen’s dialogue is trimmed in an effort to make her appear less self-centred
- As the contestants all meet each other whilst Freddie and Nora explain what they’ll be doing, have trimmed some of the dialogue, again to make Jen seem less self-centred
- Interviews now slightly trimmed, and hip-hop music removed
- Scene with Freddie watching Kung-Fu movies and talking to Sara about her concerns about being the show, removed
- Inserted deleted scene where Sara confides in Jen about her worries about entering the Myers house as part of the Dangertainment episode
- Inserted deleted scene of The Shape arriving at the Myers House by car
- Removed scene of Sara, Donna and Jen out shopping
- Trimmed scene where the contestants all try out their head cameras
- Cut scene of the cameras being set up in the Myers house and the camera guy being murdered
- As Bill makes Jen jump and the different web camera images intercut with one another, have removed a quick image of The Shape
- Removed the “false scare” when Sara opens a cupboard door and the baby chair moves out toward her – scene now starts with the door already open
- Removed strangely edited scene of Sara leaving through a doorway in slow motion (after the baby chair scene)
- Replaced music at the party with more rock/pop songs themed around Horror such as The Ramones’ Pet Sematary, Alice Cooper’s Prince of Darkness etc
- Slighty trimmed scene of the kids out trick or treating as they leave a pumpkin outside the Myers house, intercut with the occupants of the house lighting a candle, to remove a close up shot of The Shape
- Just after another shot of Deckard/Myles watching the webcast, removed another quick glimpse of The Shape as the Web feed changes
- After Donna asks Jim if he’s ever had an impulse he can not control and he replies, “continuously”, have cut Donna’s comments correcting him on his grammar and showing yet again how smart she is
- After Jen makes Sara jump by screaming and they exchange insults, have removed Sara reinforcing Rudy’s comment that Jen is foul
- As Freddie and Nora are toasting how well things are going, removed background music
- As Bill is getting murdered, removed the brief scene where we cut back to Nora and Freddie toasting again
- Removed scene where Freddie dressed as The Shape meets the real thing
- After Freddie has pretended to attack Sara whilst dressed as The Shape, have cut his over dramatic laughing as he goes off to scare more people
- As Rudy is being stalked by The Shape, removed some of Rudy’s lines such as “you should try and little less protein in your diet”
- Whilst Sara is being helped by Deckard via text and she is trying to evade The Shape, have removed and recut scene slightly, so that she does not find the body of the technician who was killed earlier, as that kill does not feature in this edit
- Whilst Freddie is preparing to kick The Shape out of the window, have removed his kung fu sounds… now there is just one kick
- Recut the climactic battle between Sara and The Shape. Freddie is now killed before this scene and does not reappear. Now, The Shape gets electrocuted after the explosion and Deckard arrives just in time to rescue Sara from the fire (using a deleted scene)
- Scenes where Sara is interviewed by the news crew recut so that Freddie does not featue
- Inserted the deleted CSI sequence
- New finale created, with The Shape escaping the fire from the Myers house and goes on to hunt down Laurie Strode at the Sanatorium before midnight on Halloween
- New end credits
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This is a great edit! It fixed all the problems of Ressurection and added a lot of great stuff. I didn´t know about the deleted scenes and when another character saved the girl I was surprised (too bad the deleted scenes are not in the same quality of the main movie)!Also the edit has a great new soundtrack. If I have to nitpick I would prefer Michael to arrive later at the house and the last segment at the sanatorium to be shorter (maybe if cut the characters of the cops). But is a great edit! Congratulations!

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(Updated: October 20, 2019)
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It's the season of the witch, thus it must be time for an All Hallow's Eve fan edit from the master of the mayhem, Last Survivor!

I happily look forward to any new fan edit from Last Survivor, but his Halloween edits are always an extra special treat (see what I did there? lol)!

In full disclosure, I never liked Resurrection. I thought the concept was fresh and interesting, but the execution and narrative choices left me frustrated, angry and disappointed.

Thankfully, most of issues with the original have been expertly resolved or at the very least smoothed over. The pacing is masterfully better. Most the cringe awful moments are gone or reduced to an acceptable level. And the soundtrack? Well, you have a choice of two to choose from, and both are wickedly wonderful and seamlessly added.

The new restructuring of the Laurie Strode sequence, making it a book end narrative instead of prologue, works better. Love the new opening credits and set up. Though I think the end transition and the closing bookend, plays out a bit too long and could have have been trimmed more... I would have cut the CSI scare and removed Michael killing the asylum guards and kept the focus on the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie. As for Laurie's final fate...? I still do not like it and wish maybe the edit could have changed it.

But those are minor, personal nitpicks. This is an exemplary fan edit. Last Survivor is a master of his craft, and his passion for this material is addictive. Make certain to listen to his commentary track which is very insightful and entertaining.

Another great edit by Last Survivor. Highly recommended.

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