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(Updated: October 20, 2019)
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It's the season of the witch, thus it must be time for an All Hallow's Eve fan edit from the master of the mayhem, Last Survivor!

I happily look forward to any new fan edit from Last Survivor, but his Halloween edits are always an extra special treat (see what I did there? lol)!

In full disclosure, I never liked Resurrection. I thought the concept was fresh and interesting, but the execution and narrative choices left me frustrated, angry and disappointed.

Thankfully, most of issues with the original have been expertly resolved or at the very least smoothed over. The pacing is masterfully better. Most the cringe awful moments are gone or reduced to an acceptable level. And the soundtrack? Well, you have a choice of two to choose from, and both are wickedly wonderful and seamlessly added.

The new restructuring of the Laurie Strode sequence, making it a book end narrative instead of prologue, works better. Love the new opening credits and set up. Though I think the end transition and the closing bookend, plays out a bit too long and could have have been trimmed more... I would have cut the CSI scare and removed Michael killing the asylum guards and kept the focus on the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie. As for Laurie's final fate...? I still do not like it and wish maybe the edit could have changed it.

But those are minor, personal nitpicks. This is an exemplary fan edit. Last Survivor is a master of his craft, and his passion for this material is addictive. Make certain to listen to his commentary track which is very insightful and entertaining.

Another great edit by Last Survivor. Highly recommended.
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