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Allow me to preface with the fact that I love the original. I wouldn't want them to have delivered The Joker in any other way.... at least at the time of initial viewing. I was mostly drawn to this one because the title is hilarious.

That being said - this is absolutely a worthwhile watch and it is amazing how you can encapsulate the feeling of the entire film in 45 minutes without feeling like anything was lost. Kudos for having the vision, because as stated I watched The Joker and didn't notice anything I would have done differently.

I think most of these fan fixes take movies that are objectively bad because of the addition of certain storylines that never affect the movie in any one way or another and essentially they are removing fluff to realign the movie and 9 times out of 10 the only way to make a bad movie less bad is to take some of the bad out. Usually a fan fix of a good movie improves it by adding in deleted scenes and shifting the narrative in a way that keeps the deleted scenes from feeling out of place.

This takes a good movie, removes good scenes, and somehow makes it better (or at the very least as good). Wild!

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