Good, The Bad and The Ugly: ThePotatoParadox Extended Edition, The

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This edit adds in 15 minutes of deleted and extended scenes back into the film to create a nearly 3-hour epic in 4K.
The extended edition (or the original Italian release) was made available by MGM in 2004 as a DVD. In 2021, Kino Lorber released a UHD Blu-Ray that featured extensive color correction, restorations and bonus features such as the deleted and extended scenes. This edit is simply a reincorporation of said scenes into the film to create the only complete The Good, The Bad and The Ugly experience in 4K resolution.
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I would like to thank Artisdead for reviewing my fanedit and for creating an awesome cover art for it.
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Deleted scenes
- Tuco recruits three bandits to kill Blondie.
- Angel Eyes goes to a Confederate outpost.
- Tuco taunts Blondie in the desert.
- Tuco gets directions from a Confederate soldier.
- Tuco and Blondie read a map while on a stagecoach.
- Blondie kills two of Angel Eye's henchmen while camping.

Extended scenes
- Three bounty hunters ride to a cantina to kill Tuco.
- Angel Eyes intimidates a farmer.
- Tuco's bandits attempt to kill Blondie.
- Tuco prepares a bath.
- Tuco and Blondie rig a bridge with dynamite.

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