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These comments will be posted in both the Opus 1 and 2 IFDB pages.

I laughed, i cried i was wrapped up in the world of the Corleone family again for a while and it was a marvel. I have personally never seen a chronological edit before and shoot me down in flames i think i actually preferred it. To concentrate on the ascendance of Vito Corleone without being pulled into Michael's story in part 2 was so much more engaging. Robert De Niro is a master. The inserted scene when Fannuci is trying to marry off his daughters to Vito while helping himself to the dresses was a masterclass in acting and thank god you reinserted this scene into your Opus...just beautiful.

As i am not up to date with the scenes that were reinserted in the various cuts over the years - i can't comment fully but i did look at the supplement disc of my bluray boxset after i watched these edits to jog my memory on what scenes had been omitted from the theatrical versions, and i am thrilled that they now have full pride of place in Opus 1 & 2 . More Clemenza - what is there not to love - but far less (none) Tom Hagen in part 3 was a mistake and i wonder if Copolla regrets the decision not to pay Robert Duvall the wage he wanted.. after all i think he is integral to the story and could have been a real focal point in the culmination ..maybe even taking a bullet for the boss.

I only found a couple of things that pulled me out of the edits and that was your inserted Vegas footage, the first scene of the three looked like the cars were from the 60's or 70's . I could have sworn i see a Dodge hatchback...i maybe wrong and will take another look. I noticed a lot of loud popping and crackling during GF 3 - especially when the helicopter is massacring the Don's , underbosses and soldiers at the hotel meeting. I watched the MP4 versions - i am not sure if this is the case with blurays.

Anyway - thanks for all the hard work you put into making these - they are definitely my new go to versions and bluray's will be burned and placed on the shelf next to my Copolla restoration boxset....i imagine a new 4K set will be released for next years 50th Anniversary.

I love the chronological structure -and dare i say it - as an alternative -someone could probably turn this epic into 10 one hour episodes in a series format or am i taking it too far by saying that. It might appease a less patient audience.

Now "Drop the Gun, grab the Canolli" and contact Wraith for a copy of this masterpiece.
Owner's reply January 30, 2022

Thanks for the review, it’s always appreciated. I should note AMC did chop it all up into a number of episodes, but they cut over 25 mins and bloated it out with recaps, and titles front and back to claim it was the longest restored version, but it was not. Plus it was censored for violence too. That’s why I tackled this edit.

I would also add (Jan 2022) that I have also rendered a version with the ORIGINAL VEGAS transition. Everything else is the same, for those that prefer the authetic clumsey Theatrical transition. Nuff said :)

Pleased you enjoyed!

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