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Let me start by saying I am one of those who went into Ghostbusters (2016) with a negative perspective, I didn't like the humor I had seen in the trailer, I didn't like the way that people were attacking those who disliked the movie and saying that they were MRAs or women haters or whatever. The cultural milieu had turned me off from the film. Let me also say that this is the first fanedit I have knowingly watched.

Eventually I was gifted a copy of the Extended Release on Ultra-Violet ( and finally about 6 months ago I reluctantly sat down to watch it. My complaints about quality of jokes, the statements like "enslaving elephants", the one note portrayal of men as either dumb, malicious, and/or conniving, and the movie just felt like a drag. I distinctly remember disliking how Leslie Jones' character was portrayed, and disliked Murray's cameo, as it felt like he was directed to just be an arse. Anyway, enough about why I didn't like the original.

Almost all of my complaints are resolved by this edit. TM2YC has created a movie that I actually enjoyed, I walked away having actually laughed, enjoying the story, and also not actively disliking the main characters, I actually kindof liked the characters now. The removal of terrible one-liner jokes like "Once you pop", the second slap to McCarthy's character, cutting down Hemsworth's I'm a complete fool act, made it so that the true jokes really shine. Shortening the capture at the metal show made it so much better, I hated the "lady thing, race thing" joke. Now the humor comes from the characters, like in the original GhostBusters movies, not from bad jokes said at the bar with friends. A few issues remain, but like other reviewers I understand, and see, that this is inherent to the source...e.g. the throwback to Moranis' character in the original trying to access the restaurant while being chased by "dogs", in the original it made sense for his character and for the look of the restaurant, in GB2016 it makes Wiig's character look like a dunce when she is supposed to be a, formerly, respected scientist.

I have a few edit issues, but I understand that they are inherent to the source material. The, "Horizontally flipped two shots of guide after hand burning, to better match new cuts," it is noticeable that he is nursing the wrong hand, but that issue is acceptable when it protects from crossing the line as we move to the run down the hallway. I also might have suggested hiding one of his two sighs around the candlestick (3:24-3:31) if possible, with less time spent it seems like a forced sigh. I do love making him into a "straight" man and removing the candlestick lever. The other issue I have is with the metal show, while I love the removal of bad jokes and cameos, it is hard to see how they got into position after the initial line on the stage. Again, this is due to the lack of source to work with and does not stick out while viewing the movie.

Thank you again TM2YC, you have made GB2016 actually enjoyable. And thank you for more GB theme music, less rap.

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