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I kinda liked Ghostbuster 2016, despite all the parts that didn't really work. I got the impression that the movie got a bit warped in the wake of all the controversy surrounding it, and in the end got caught up in meta-jokes about internet trolls and a mish-mash of brands of humour (and that godawful cover version of the song). Every character did every kind of comedy, and more often than not it just felt hysterical instead of hilarious or coherent. But hey, kids loved it, right? And there were parts that were IMHO great, like the visual effects, Chris Hemsworth, Holtzman and the new Ghostbusters cast overall.

Anyway, this edit by TM2YC imho improves, I would say a lot, upon the theatrical release. It tones down the jokes, which of course diminishes the movie of some opportunities to get a laugh out of the audience (there were one or two gags I missed that I liked in the ThCut, but humour is subjective, so that is to be expected) but, and that's important, creates a much more coherent tone for the overall movie. The characters feel more natural, and don't get me wrong, there's still a lot to laugh. It just doesn't try to get a joke in every single scene, and most of the more infantile gags (farts and the like) and running gags that went on one or two times too often are gone. Plus the soundtrack got very smoothly edited and feels now very Ghostbuster-y (the original score is back on! No more cringeworthy new version! Yay!). And I don't know whether I just missed it in the ThCut, but the emotional arc between Abby and Erin felt for the first time complete to me. The theme of "embracing your weirdness, despite being rejected from most for it" came out nicely, which is imho one of the strong points of the movie - and yes, especially because the protagonists are women, which I think can indeed inspire young girls to take an interest in science and other "nerdy" interests which they don't really get encouraged to do by the bulk of other movies. But that's just my take on it.

Cuts an audio was edited seemlessly, by the way. TM2YC obviously knows what he's doing.

That said, this is my definitive version of the new Ghostbusters, and if I would want to introduce someone to the new crew, I would certainly show them this cut instead of one of the official versions.

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