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I'm going to be honest here, and say I have been pretty neutral on the whole GB remake storm on the internet. I saw the trailer, snickered a bit at one or two jokes and thought nothing much else of it. So going into this edit I didn't have much to go on, since I never even saw the theatrical release, but with all of that said I really found a great deal of enjoyment here! A good sense of pacing and flow is to be found, no noticeable cuts at all to things like improv gags or even axing Bill Murray's cameo. Changes to the music were of course good choices and had a clean execution to them, adding a sense that we are watching a new GB movie with a fun atmosphere about it. Using the extended cut was a smart move, in adding a bit more to character like the added scene between Erin and Abby at the university. Are there still problems that exist with the script/story? Most likely, but there's only so much you can do with the tools at your disposal. Is there anything cringe worthy left in this cut? One or two small things, like Abby/Erin's dancing ghost presentation (but again not a deal breaker). This, IMO is a very suitable replacement for anyone who felt the original cut was a slap in the face, or heck even if you liked the theatrical version. Definitely recommended!
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