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Disclaimer: I've said this before but obviously nobody is going to check the continuity of my reviews... The scale I grade fanedits on is based on the original. I don't believe this edit is a 10/10 film, nor do I believe any film is for that matter.

I'm really not a fan of the 2016 Ghostbusters. I wasn't open to it when it was announced, I wasn't interested in seeing it in theatres, and I begrudgingly watched it with my family when they picked it up from the movie bargain bin. And this edit didn't really change most of that, it was definetely more tolerable than the original, but it still suffered from the lack of focus the original gave us - I'm not sure it would be feasible to make an edit that wouldn't.

However, while I wasn't looking all too close for them, I didn't notice any technical issues in this edit. After reading the cutlist I was shocked I didn't notice any. Actually, I think I did notice one odd transition when Kristen Wiig's character showed up in the newspaper, and the dialogue went "Hey you're in the's not good. Look! We're on the news!" (paraphrased) - this could be present in the OG and I wouldn't know, but it seemed to be like there was some crappy dialogue that was attempted to cut around there. No technical issues, just seemed a bit too 'jumpy'.

Regardless, if you saw potential in the original/enjoyed some of it, give this edit a shot, you'll probably like it better. If you didn't see potential in the original, this edit probably won't change that. But, if you paid for the movie and want to get your money's worth (or someone in your family did, and you wanna get THEIR money's worth...), you might as well try and give it justice.

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