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on the eve of friday the 13th i i decided to re-watch the classic horror film, this edit combines two films very well in the style of tarantino's death proof film with the start to part 2 acting as a intermission. however i feel a lot of the edits strengths also bring out a lot of flaws within the narrative structure. no sooner are we introduced to our young teenagers their being killed off without us the viewer being able to get to know them or establish what kind of character they are.

the second half of the edit establish certain characters but don't have any pay off, there either killed off camera or are completely removed. the edit i feel should have started with the deaths of the two teenagers as we don't establish just why people are being killed off until halfway during the movie. it's at this point a character that we've never seen nor heard of (jason) is now being discussed. the intermission part highlights of of the more glaring faults from part 2 in that jason a disfigured man who has lived in the woods all of his live can some how track down the girl who killed his mum.but when you consider the direction the franchise would take in later installments this is nothing.

this is a well edited fanedit, but there are still a few things i felt could have been removed in favour of having a few more death scenes. overall i don't feel it improves either the first two films in the series

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