Freddy vs. Jason [raymix]

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Brief Synopsis:
There are many cuts made to alter the timeline, remove filler, tighten the editing & improve the overall ambiance.
I've given the film a shot-by-shot color correction which removes the awful blue filter & deepens the black levels without crush.
This makes the picture more colorful & consistent with the other Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street films.
This edit was made to fit the continuity of the Friday the 13th [raymix] series & the Nightmare on Elm Street [raymix] trilogy.
Other Sources:
Freddy vs. Jason deleted scenes (Scream Factory blu-ray, 2020)
Friday the 13th Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2014)
Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande Records, 2003)
Sound Effects (
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Malthus for their invaluable Color Correction Thread.
Thanks to Bobson Dugnutt for their constructive critique of the first-pass of my color correction.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Mark Stevens' editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
Overall Changes-
-new shot-by-shot color correction.
Opening Credits-
-added the logo
-added my fanedit production logo.
-new music over New Line production logo & director credit. ( Overlay of Nightmares [raymix] )
-new "A Ronni Yu Film" credit.
Pre-Title scene-
-added music over opening scene. ( Overlay of Evil )
-removed the morphing victims talking to Jason.
-cut Pamela telling Jason that his "gift" is that he can "never die."
-cut Freddy's 4th wall breaking "I've been away for far too long" line.
-removed the opening credits.
Title Sequence-
-new title logo.
-new title sequence music. ( Freddy's Dream World )
-added sound effects during the new title sequence.
Jason on Elm Street-
-added new rain sound effects to the shot of Jason's shadow on Elm Street.
-added "Friday, September 13th 2002" text to the first shot of the Elm Street House.
-cut Kia pointing out how young Lori & Will were.
-cut Lori saying "We were young, but what we had was real."
-cut Kia telling Lori "You need to meet a guy."
-removed the house exterior shot after Gibb & Trey go upstairs.
Lori's Police Station Dream-
-removed the CGI blood drops in the hallway.
Back on Elm Street-
-cut Freddy's exposition after his failed attempt to kill Blake.
At School-
-cut Kia's reference to the Columbine shootings.
-cut Kia's 'Nose-Job Dream' scene.
-cut Mark saying "...Kids are gonna start falling asleep!"
After the Rave-
-cut Bill saying "That goalie was pissed about something."
-cut Will's nervous laugh after he tells Lori that her dad killed her mom.
-cut Will's nervous laugh after he tells Lori that He saw the murder happen.
-added a white flash transition into Will's flashback.
At Mark's House-
-cut Freddy's exposition while disguised as Mark's dead brother.
-removed the eels from the bathroom floor.
In Bill's Basement-
-cut the dates & events from Deputy Stubbs' Jason story that don't fit my new timeline.
-cut Lori's " ...water, how can we use that?" line.
-cut Charlie explaining that he's not a virgin.
-removed Freddy's severed ear turning into maggots.
-cut Deputy Stubbs stomping on the maggots.
Back at Westin Hills-
-added an establishing shot of the Westin Hills sign. (earlier shot reversed)
-added dialog about splitting up from the deleted scenes as the group enters.
-cut Bill talking to himself as he smokes a joint.
-reversed a shot so that a closing door gets Bill's attention instead of an opening door.
-removed the 'Freddy Caterpillar & the Hookah' scene.
-added the sound of Freddy laughing when Bill finds the bottles of Hypnociyl.
-removed the 'Freddy Caterpillar Goes Down Bill's Throat' scene.
Jason's Dream-
-cut some of Pamela's dialog in Jason's Boiler Room dream.
-removed the CGI synapses snapping as Freddy's blade goes into young Jason's head.
-added a white flash transition into Jason's dream house.
Lori's Crystal Lake Dream-
-cut Lori being scared of young Jason while helping him at the dock in her dream.
Final Showdown-
-cut some of Kia's taunting of Freddy.
-slo-mo on the final shot of Lori & Will escaping on the burning dock.
End Credits-
-removed the stylized production credits & cut straight to the classic credit roll.
-different music over the end credits. (Jason's Surprise Attack & Jason Unmasked)
-moved the scene of Jason rising from the Lake to post-credits.
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music cue to post-credits & production logo. ( Prologue & Overlay of Evil )

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Overall rating
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RayDanger brings both his Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series to a triumphant conclusion with this edit. As with his work on the other installments, his attention to visual tone and editing allows for a more series aesthetic. He cut numerous juvenile moments from the theatrical cut, resulting in a film that honors both series. I applaud RayDanger for his accomplishment in redefining and elevating Freddy and Jason!

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(Updated: April 14, 2022)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I had a chance to watch this and had a few thoughts.

1) The frame-by-frame color correction alone made the download worth it.
Every frame pops and is colored beautifully compared to the awful blue tint of the original that washed out the colors.
The film is very vibrant, easy on the eyes, saturated nicely, and really a visual joy.

2) Suspension-of-disbelief-breaking events are mostly taken out.
These include badly-dated CGI scenes and artifacts, bad jokes and goofy moments.
The impression I get from this cut is that it takes itself more seriously. Given the stakes of the plot, that helps a lot.

3) The cuts made in this are great from a storytelling aspect.
Extraneous dialogue and exposition is kept to a minimum.
What I would refer to as the cringiest parts of the dialogue are taken out altogether.
The audio and visual transitions were mostly seamless and weren't affected by the cuts.
The one specific exception I have was with removing Kia's taunting of Freddy. It was necessary for the pacing of that scene, and without it made the climax of the scene too abrupt and jarring.
Given Kia's character, the levity of that scene in the original wasn't too bad if left alone.

Nobody can work miracles on this film but Ray did a great job improving it all around.

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