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(Updated: April 14, 2022)
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I had a chance to watch this and had a few thoughts.

1) The frame-by-frame color correction alone made the download worth it.
Every frame pops and is colored beautifully compared to the awful blue tint of the original that washed out the colors.
The film is very vibrant, easy on the eyes, saturated nicely, and really a visual joy.

2) Suspension-of-disbelief-breaking events are mostly taken out.
These include badly-dated CGI scenes and artifacts, bad jokes and goofy moments.
The impression I get from this cut is that it takes itself more seriously. Given the stakes of the plot, that helps a lot.

3) The cuts made in this are great from a storytelling aspect.
Extraneous dialogue and exposition is kept to a minimum.
What I would refer to as the cringiest parts of the dialogue are taken out altogether.
The audio and visual transitions were mostly seamless and weren't affected by the cuts.
The one specific exception I have was with removing Kia's taunting of Freddy. It was necessary for the pacing of that scene, and without it made the climax of the scene too abrupt and jarring.
Given Kia's character, the levity of that scene in the original wasn't too bad if left alone.

Nobody can work miracles on this film but Ray did a great job improving it all around.

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