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I really loved the rocking Red Apple Crew Logo sequence though I think the transition between the A Phase 3 Edit and the creative disclaimer could have been slower and smoother though as to the feature presentation itself…Great Scott! this is a long edit and probably the longest fanedit I’ve ever seen thus far though it is definitely an edit I would watch again whenever I want to pass a great deal of time or when it’s just simply one of those days where nothing of great importance or meaningful significance is happening.

As there’s no breaks between these whopping five hours it’s definitely recommended to save consumption of beverages until near the final hour of the runtime unless one is prepared to pause this engaging time traveling adventure several times in which case multiple pauses and multiple consumption of beverages isn’t an issue, as it’s one file that naturally means less mouse movement and clicking which greatly reduces the risk of getting Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI and best of all no having to get up and change disks repeatedly.

Additionally I love the reduced size of those black bars as more of the picture can be seen providing a greater sense of focus for the eyes and minimising distractions though there was one audio and visual bit in the edit that was a little distracting which was the scene where Doc falls over at the end of part II and Marty yells out his name as the volume in his voice seems to spike for a small brief moment with the distracting visual edit being how the ending credits are essentially segmented into parts rather than being combined into one.

Otherwise the audio and visual transitions between films was so seamless that I couldn’t tell they were edited together though given the foresight and devotion to the overarching narrative between films they honestly slide and fit onto the body that is known as continuity like a well made business suit.

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