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FanFix August 06, 2012 3602
(Updated: September 06, 2012)
CasmirRadon oct 30 2009

9 Stars, one of the best fan edits I have seen.

I have not gotten around to seeing Flatliners before this, so I was able to come in with a fresh perspective. Not only would I never have known that Joe had a death experience, but even knowing you cut that… I was unable to figure out where in the film this would have occurred. Indeed the only sign I could detect of missing scenes were occasionally zoomed scenes that hinted a character was being cut out of the frame. After watching the special feature on Joe’s death (which was well done, and I really thank you for including that), I can see that those scenes were even more useless and boring than I would have ever expected.

DVD menus were quite nice, and the presentation was great.
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