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By far the best version of The Flash yet.

The original film was an absolute slog to watch; horrendous CGI, bad acting, a messy story.... Most of these problems were solved here, and some scenes that cringed me initially, here I loved (first in mind is the baby shower).

The audio is a total delight for the ears, the new musical additions are great, and I love every single track, with a crush for Don't Worry Be Happy, which just grew on me. But Micheal Keaton's intro is by far my favorite change concerning the audio aspect, a great example of less is more.

Visually, there are still some VFX shots that aren't working, and some instances where we feel like something was excised, even tho the cuts are seamless. But that's not a huge deal, since the movie is better off them.

No, visually, the editing is brilliant! I personally LOVE the new intro, that scene was made for Keo to be repurposed into an awesome opening credit, and the final shot of the movie, pure joygasm!

Narrative-wise, kudos, on how Keo handled the trial subplot and His smart use of VFX to take the story where He wanted it to be. His hard work really paid off, an untrained eye won't suspect a thing! Plus, a small-scale ending is far more compelling and satisfying, than whatever the hell we got originally.

If I recommend it? You bet I do!

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