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Another movie made less bad. Still not great, but infinitely better.

Technically, Keo is an excellent craftsman and his achievements throughout this project are impressive. But in his quest to remove certain lines of dialogue or to change the context of some moments, the inner pacing/rhythm of those scenes or moments occasionally feel off a bit to me. Examples of this would be the Lasso of Truth scene or the two Barry's and Underwear scene. While the original versions may be cringe inducing or overly ridiculous, they have a narrative beat, that once removed, the scenes play slightly more awkward.

All the cuts vastly improve the pacing and individual character beats. Some cuts are more subjective than others. Personally, I loved the original version of all the cameos, so I was disheartened by the truncated version.

The new music additions are great, the audio levels are nicely balanced and serve the narrative emotion very well. Though I thought maybe they could have used a bit more underlying ambience. Particularly with the new ending, as I thought the background ambience dropped out far too sudden before Barry super speeds offscreen.

But wow! What a fun and satisfying new ending. Barry learns his lesson, thus becoming a genuine hero and the custom end credits are exceptionally charming.

On the whole, a remarkable improvement and very entertaining.
Thumbs Up! :)

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