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2001, 2019
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The Fall of the Pacific is a non-stop war film about the World War II Pacific Theatre from the Attack of Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway. Using scenes from the films Pearl Harbor, Midway and music from the Halo series soundtracks, The Fall of the Pacific is a pure war film, with all the cherry picked best military scenes from the two original movies, and an epic soundtrack to bridge them together.
Pearl Harbor is famous for it's terrible romance focus and Midway is full of awkward writing. My intention was to pluck out the best elements of these two films, the epic battle military strategic command scenes, and combine them together with the Halo soundtrack to make a tight war film with no fluff. I made the cuts where needed to make the narrative flow together, from the intelligence war before the Attack of Pearl Harbor, to the end of the Battle of Midway. I cut out most of the pilots and nurses from Pearl Harbor, and most of the awkward personal dialogue between the Midway characters, so what is left is mostly all business.

When deciding which song to place where, I often thought of its parallel in the Halo games. For instance, the first song I use is the first song you hear in the Halo 2 campaign, and both are scene of a Leader chastising his military leadership for failure to prepare properly. Then for the build up and attack on Pearl Harbor, I use the score from Halo Reach, as it was the prequel and was a place where the UNSC lost devastatingly, like America did at Pearl. Later, for the dive bomber runs, I use the Warthog Run music, to give you that desperate in-the-driver-seat feeling of racing to the finish, and at the end I used the ending songs of Halo 3, the end of the core Halo story, to give the ending of the edit a feeling of closure. The Soundtrack is nearly non-stop, with it carrying forward the narrative through its tone and pace.
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HaloCE Soundtrack
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Disclaimer: Since this is over 5 hours of movie cut down to one hour, a lot has been cut out, so I tried to make this a list of things I kept, rather than discarded.

Start with Roosevelt talking to generals and song Prologue (Halo 2)

Cut to Japanese Admiralty meeting (Pearl Harbor) and beginning of song Winter Contingency (Halo Reach)

Cut out dialogue about oil embargo

Interweave scenes of Japanese fleet preparation and during Yamamoto’s exposition

Cut to Admiral Kimmel discussing Japanese strategy

Interweave scenes of Captain Thermon and cut to his exposition of the Japanese fleet intelligence strategy (cutting in the map as well) and interweaving Japanese admirals planning attack b-roll

Cut to meeting of Thermon and Admiral Nimitz, discussing the Japanese strategy, interweaving scenes of the Japanese fleet and Yamamoto planning

Cut to Japanese fleet the morning of the attack (I cut up a bit of this scene to flow better)

Cut in all the scenes of the Japanese squadron approaching and attacking Pearl Harbor and interweave it with the attack in scenes Midway

Switch to the main Halo choir theme for the destruction of the Arizona, and interweave the scenes of it’s destruction in both Pearl Harbor and Midway (while also cutting out reaction shots in Pearl Harbor to make it flow better) and continue on to Layton's reaction to it from his car

Cut to Dickenson getting shot down (Midway) and switch to song Overture (Halo Reach)

Cut back to attack on Pearl Harbor and Doris Miller manning a turret and firing back at Japanese (cut in many spots for flow)

Cut to Roosevelt getting news of the attack

Cut to sinking of Arizona and Long Night of Solace (Halo Reach)

Cut to long series of cuts of the general devastation on the water caused by the attack and Yamamoto being congratulated

Cut to Kimmel getting notice of attack too late and Miller recovering the flag of the Arizona and Epilogue (Halo Reach)

Cut to Enterprise entering the Harbor and seeing the devastation, and cut the dialogue out (Midway) and back to Long Night of Solace (Halo Reach)

Cut to men stuck in Arizona and trying to cut them out only for them to drown (Pearl Harbor) all cut to flow better

Cut to funeral scene in Midway

Cut to Roosevelt's speech in Pearl Harbor (shortened and cut for flow)

Also shortened his meeting with Admirals for flow and so I can set up the Marshall islands battle next instead of going straight to Doolittle Raid

Cut to The Last Spartan (Halo 2) and the Marshall Islands battle in Midway (cutting up the battle for flow)

During the dive bombers approach, cut to song Tip of the Spear (Halo Reach)

Cut to American fleet getting attacked (cut for time and flow)

Cut to Roosevelt getting briefed on plan for Doolittle Raid

Cut to song Finish the Fight (Halo 3) and the American carrier group preparing to launch the raid (Midway), cut for time and flow and remove Doolittle's underwhelming speech.

Cut to Pearl Harbor scenes of the attack on Tokyo, with the emperors reaction cut in from Midway

Cut to Roosevelt getting news of the preemptive launch and lack of fuel for Doolittle Raiders (last Pearl Harbor scene)

Cut to Doolittle bailing out of his plane (Midway) and song Heavy Price Paid (Halo 2)

Cut to Doolittle meeting up with Chinese allies, cutting out scene of them mistrusting him

Cut to Japanese bombing raid on their refuge group

Cut to loss at Coral Sea with Nimitz and Layton's strategic exposition cut between

Cut to This is Our Land (Halo 3) and Nimitz giving medals out on Enterprise with Dick Best giving exposition on the state of the war

Cut to repairing of the Yorktown and Admiral Halsey exposition on being tired

Cut to Nimitz laying out the American Strategy for Midway battle, interweaved with scene of Midway Island

Song changes to Sacred Icon Suite (Halo 2). Cut to Nimitz telling Layton to get some rest (cutting the part about their wives)

Cut to McCuskey discussing the tactical situation of the battle with Best

Cut to Yorktown catching up

Cut to Morning of Midway battle on Midway Island and lace overtop Layton's exposition about the Japanese fleets location

Cut to Japanese Air group attacking Midway through to end of Midway Air groups failed attack and No More Dead Heroes (Halo 3)

Cut to Japanese discovery of American fleet and Enough Dead Heroes (Halo 3)

Cut to American submarine attack on Japanese fleet (cut together when it was separated in film) and end of song Honorable Intentions (Halo 3) when the torpedo is launched from submarine.

Cut to Lindsey’s Torpedo Squadron failed attack on the Japanese fleet with This is the Hour (Halo 3)

Cut the torpedo missing the Hiyru, then Lindsey's reaction and crash (instead of having him crash and not see that he missed)

Cut to dive bombers taking off (cut for flow)

Cut to dive bombers looking for Japanese fleet and The Ark (Halo 3)

Cut to Submarine shaking off the Japanese destroyer and dive bombers spotting it returning to the fleet

Cut to Hornet Torpedo Squadron failed attack on Japanese fleet and Luck (Halo 3)

Cut to dive bombers attacking the fleet and Behold a Pale Horse (Halo 3)

Cut to Halo (Halo:CE) for Best’s dive bombing of the Akagi (cut out the weird face he make while pulling up)

Cut to McCuskey and Bruno being chased by Japanese fighters and continue through Japanese carriers explode and evacuation, switching to part way through from Ghosts of Reach (Halo 2), then to Ending Roll Call (Halo 3)

Cut to Best and McCuskey on the Enterprise reporting to Admiral Spruance, switching to song Epilogue (Halo 2)

Cut to Best recovering and telling other pilots they have to go back out there (cut dialogue asking about Dickinson)

Cut to Best inspiring Murray, switching part way to Finale (Halo 2)

Cut to Yamamoto ordering Japanese fleet to attack, through to Admiral Yamaguchi receiving the order

Cut to Admiral Yamaguchi making a speech to the remaining pilots

Cut to Dive Bombers beginning their attack, through to the destruction of the Hiryu and Best’s wingman crashing on the deck of the enterprise and One Final Effort (Halo 3) (cutting the end of the song a bit for flow and timing)

Cut to Dickinson and McCuskey talking about Best and Unforgotten (Halo 2)

Cut from Dickinson searching the sky, to crew picking up scrap on the deck, back to Dickinson looking for Best to make it flow all together (originally separated by a scene)

Cut up Best getting out of plan to make it faster and cut to Wake Me When You Need Me (Halo 3)

Cut to sinking of Hiyru and Admiral and captain staying aboard, cut up partially for time

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This is a really fun project and I hope people who are fans of various aspects of the material will give it a whirl,

Clocking in at right around one hour, The Fall of the Pacific is an ambitious and highly focused project unlike anything I've seen before. I thought long and hard about how to describe this edit and after some time, the best way that I can think to describe it is an Action Movie Ballet. The music is omnipresent, you cannot get away from it, and for me that is not only a great thing, like the Dude's rug, it's what really pulls the room together so to speak. As the score plays, we are treated to a visual telling of key moments spanning from just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the final moments of the Battle of Midway.

Murikamir takes two flawed movies* and mercifully cuts everything that has nothing to do with the key events that he covers and provides a visual telling set to one of the most iconic video game soundtracks of all time, and the result is pretty damn fun. There is very little time to rest, there are no 'personal stories' to focus on, just the desperate straggles of two world powers, and the incredible bravery of men on both sides of the battle. Here and there you get some character moments, FDR, Yamamoto, Layton, Nimitz and so on. As some figures are depicted in both films are played by different actors, an unavoidable compromise in this project, but the edit is cut in such a way that I think you can take those cases and presume them to be different people (the ones that stand out are Layton and Nimitz, but if you're not an absolute history buff or know both the original films back and forth you can easily just assume they're different people.

Where Murikamir really shines is how he has matched the video to the songs, and the song selections themselves for each sequence. This level of score replacement is seriously tough work, and for a first-time submission, it's even more impressive. There are some areas where the original score isn't 100% removed and can be felt bleeding through, but never in a way that detracts, and no worse than other lauded edits which have replaced scores. In the end, he achieved the goal that he set out to do, and he did it very very well.

As someone with a degree in history and who loves Halo and its music, this was a lot of fun and highly satisfying.

While I did give a 9 for narrative, it was, similar to Stramboli, a tough call because he absolutely achieved his goal, and it is a wildly fun ride, but there were some things that for me could have been handled in a way that would have been even more enjoyable, provided a little more structure and pacing that I enjoy, but don't let that 1 point distract you, this is a very impressive first edit that takes big swings and connects. I hope there are more in the works from Murikamir.

Great job!

* I just have to say, Pearl Harbor is a TERRIBLE movie. I mean, absolutely terrible. The only decent things in it are more or less the pieces used in this edit. Midway is a film that I really enjoy, but it is not without its flaws; it suffered from budget constraints, the screenplay could have used a few more passes, and the guy who plays Dick Best just really wasn't right for the part, and he is the guy who is meant to carry that film.
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(Updated: November 10, 2021)
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Hey there! Happy to see another new Faneditor making their mark! Congrats on the release man!

So, first thing's first, I've never seen anything like this edit. To me it almost didn't feel like I was watching a movie, more like I was watching a heavy action Trailer that spanned an hour. Small bit of dialogue -> huge action setpiece -> more setup dialogue -> huge action setpiece ->rinse repeat -> conclusion.

Now, that might sound like a bad thing here, and I think it may have turned out that way, had it not been for the Halo soundtrack. Damn that was really cool to see some live-action explosions set to the theme that plays at the end of Halo 3 with the Warthog run. Awesome idea dude, no idea how you came up with it. Also, I have to say, the shot at 12:35 (and subsequent few shots) was DOPE!

I think I might have preferred a little bit more character building/dialogue, but that's such a difficult critique to make, because it was your GOAL here to cut as much of that fluff out, and leave the absolute barest amount in that was required for this to be more than just random explosions. Pearl Harbor happens -> it's bad -> America is pissed -> The Battle of Midway is their retribution. Simple. Effective.

I could tell where there was visual and audible editing taking place to overlay some shots of dialogue from one movie + halo music with shots from the other movie, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment. They were seamless, I was just impressed by how well they blended.

Nice work here man, I deliberated on a 9 for Narrative and enjoyment, but your goal here was achieved, and I'm not sure it could have been done any better. This was a fun example of some MASSIVE cutting, and I think you pulled it off flawlessly. Bravo. Not too bad for your First edit, I'd have to say.

Edit - Also I forgot, I said you didn't have enough character development but you found a way to include enough to make me sympathize with the Japanese, and prevent it from coming off as just a piece of pure YEAH AMERICA HAHA WOOOOH so I stand corrected. Great work.

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