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(Updated: April 23, 2015)
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Okay, this edit is great. The first thing you have to understand going in to this is that Q2 enjoys certain things and hates certain things which you may not agree with. The visual and Audio editing is perfect but there's one big problem, Q2 likes the pace and development of the original movie. In episode 1, he made it into a fast little action packed flick which was quite fun but here it's sloooooow. He cuts down tons of dialogue but ALSO cuts down battles and friendly banter and also any form of comedic relief, I completely understand removing the battle droids' voices but there has to be something there (3P0 and R2) to calm the audience down or to get the audience excited. This leaves a movie with a lot of dialogue for no reason and very little action in comparison. His edit does the same thing as the original but takes out cringe-worthy lines and some silly action. So if you enjoy revenge of the sith already, you will love this edit, if you hate almost everything about revenge of the sith, you will also hate this.

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