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final part in Q2 fanedit version of the star wars prequels and while episode 3 was a huge improvement as always there's things that need to be cut. as with the previous two edits part 3 is again nicely edited. there are more noticeable cuts but nothing that spoilt my viewing experience.

in this edit i do wish some things hadn't been cut out. i'm not sure how to view C3-PO in this trilogy i mean is he C3-PO from part 2 or was that droid different? in this episode is it C3-PO from 4-6? with cutting dialogue and the memory erase i'm some what confused as to how i'm supposed to view this driod. i think it's a shame that so much of them have been cut from this trilogy, while i understand the removal of artoo flying and anakin creating C3-PO these two characters represent the heart and soul of the franchise.

in the original trilogy it plays out that C3-PO believes he knows it all while it's artoo that is always one set ahead knowing and experiencing what he has in the prequels. i think having them a little more involved in this episode would have been better when going into episode 4.

i didn't miss the empire / yoda fight that was nicely done though i do think these trilogy edits suffer from their endings. with removing darth vader i feel your removing what the prequels were about. it's a different approach from other star wars edits and it may be best suited if your planning on watching all six films in row.

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