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While some believe Attack of the Clones to be even worse than Phantom Menace for me it was a slight improvement. that being said it was still a bad film but that's were faneditors come to the rescue. Part 2 of Q2 stars wars edit removes a lot of what was bad from the film giving us a more enjoyable experience overall. i really liked have artoo and C3-PO were cut from the final act of the film, however i do feel it's a shame that so much of them has been cut in this trilogy as for me the prequels showcased their journey throughout all these events.

i felt the first edit was to short and overall felt a little choppy, this edit with it's 90min runtime (not including credits) feels a lot better and doesn't feel like it's in a rush to get to the end. it's a shame so much has to be removed in order to deliver a more watch-able star wars film.

i do wish anakins confession to padame regarding the slaughter of the sand people could be removed as i find it a little out of character for her to marry a mass murder. the end fight didn't work for me either, having dooku seemingly run away because padame and a few clone troopers arrive makes him look weak plus he has the two jedi were he wants them.

as with the first episode Q2 take on the trilogy is a more pleasing experience and one that i will re-watch when the time comes

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