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FanFix June 02, 2012 10198
(Updated: November 09, 2018)
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Keeping it a bit short this time.

Phantom Menace is IMO the worst Star Wars movie. It's still enjoyable but it's very childish with Jar Jar Binks and young Anakin Skywalker. I actually like Anakin but many of his dialogues are quite bad.

This fanedit edits out a lot of Jar Jar and makes Anakin better among other things. The best part in my opinion is the space battle which always was quite bad. Q2 managed to edit Anakin entirely out from the battle and it worked very well. Majority of the cuts in the movie worked better but I missed the part where they are starting the podracer engine for the first time. It's so touching to see innocent Anakin yell "It's working! It's workiiiing!" :)

Overall a nice, compact edit of the Phantom Menace. I enjoyed it a lot.

Edit: Changed Audio/Video Quality from 8 to 9. It's a bit too light at default but otherwise the video quality is very good.

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