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Hi again!

After watching all your fanedits of Star Wars prequels, and watching some other fanedits, first of all I can only say THANK YOU for all your superb work. It is a work all Star Wars fans should check out, and even people that want to learn of this new experience that these edits give.

This said, I have to admit that despite the astonishing work on the Phantom Menace, this is not my favourite edit of the 3 movies.

I love the beginning of the movie. The pace is a bit too fast, but the overall experience of the movie is far better than the original, more mature, more focused, and removed all the nonsense and almost all stupid sentences that appeared on the original version.

There is a taugh work there, and the cutting is superb. You don't realise most of the changes.

Removing R2 and C3PO, is a new thing as far as Star Wars edits go, and for me this edit demonstrates it can be a success. The movie is better without them!
At least it works better with them just as another droid would be.

Eliminates a lot of plotholes.

But, the great "but" is the ending. I did not like Anakin is missing from the Naboo battle. I like better the L8wtr version in Shadow of the Sith. This thing really took me out of the movie, so I can say that the perfect edit for me would combine Shadow of the Sith for the ending, and all the previous part of the movie from this edit.

I want to tell people that watch this edit and are dissapointed for its ending, that please don't be let down and please watch the other FALL OF THE JEDI edits. They are perfect and they are 100% worth watching. This one... I think was too agressive on Anakin's role.

So despite all the success in all other aspects, I can only recomend this edit for the beginning and the last 30 min from Shadow of the Sith! You should team up for this one :P

Thank you!

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