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(Updated: October 18, 2022)
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I love David Lynch's Dune. The theatrical cut, while not perfect, is still a masterpiece in my mind. The main weaknesses of the theatrical cut are that some parts feel rushed and certain elements of the story are not given proper time to be completely fleshed out. And while I still hold out hope for an impossible Director's Cut, the Dune (1984) The Alternative Edition Redux by Spicediver is most likely the closest thing I will ever get.

With the Dune 1080p special edition, Spicediver has managed to integrate additional scenes seamlessly into the film. The editing, musical cues, sound effects all flow perfectly to where the viewer doesn't even know where changes have been made.

While a very tiny portion of scenes inserted vary in quality because of source limitations, I did not find that to distract from my overall enjoyment of the presentation. The additional footage really helps build the world of Dune along with adding more detail back into the overall narrative. It also gives you a better idea, and appreciation, of the scope that Lynch had in mind when setting out to tell this story.

Thank you for all the time, thought and effort into making this cut. I highly recommend it!

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