Dracula: Restored

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I'm not a big fan of 1931's 'Dracula', it's terribly dated in a way that other films from the same period and studio aren't. Having said that, this edit does much to improve matters story-wise and must surely be the only way to watch it from now on. Especially as the quality of the encode is superb, rivaling the pinsharp Blu-Ray oiginal.

The transitions/fades between the new re-arranged scenes are sometimes quicker than is ideal but the material doesn't allow for anything else. They are executed in an authetic way for a 30s movie.

I'd have liked a score to be included as the music-free soundtrack is one of the elements that really dates this film to the post-silent era. Also a faneditor could have 'gone to town' on the sparse soundmix, adding much of what is missing, or lacking definition on the foley front. But for a "Restored" project, such revisonism was never going to be one of the goals (A 'Dracula: Special Edition' would be a nice future project).

I'd reccomend this to owners of the original cut, as it's a better way to watch this movie.
A 'Dracula: Special Edition' would be a nice future project.

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