Dinner With Hannibal

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The film Hannibal is recut to bring the character back in line with Silence of the Lambs, a sick serial killer, not some romantic fellow with a moral code. A drastically changed ending and other recut footage, incorporating deleted scenes, drastically changes the feel of this film.
This edit was made to change the very nature of Hannibal as well as update the ending so Hannibal does what comes natural to a depraved killer, He's not Clark Gable, he's Hannibal Lechter.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:

1. Hannibal Lecter is now depicted as a horrific monster, not some relatable romantic and amusing fellow with a moral code
2. Streamlined the storyline, removing convoluted subplots (no more Barney)
3. Tightened up the messy opening action sequence, trimming the drama weighing it down
4. An improved, dramatic ending with Hannibal acting like the serial killer he is— above all else he is a predator who acts in his own sick self interest
5. Mason Verger is a more mysterious and threatening figure
6. Clarice Starling is stronger and more decisive while still maintaining her vulnerability
7. Inspector Pazzi is smarter (but still not smart enough)
8. Established a connection to the first film using the asylum deleted scene, not through Barney
9. Lessened the heavy-handed anti-religion themes (from Mason)
10. Incorporated select deleted/alternate scenes, scored and re-foleyed as needed, converted to 5.1 surround
11. The identity of Il Monstro is clearer than the deleted material alone presented
12. Ensured the selected deleted/alternate material matched up reasonably well in 4K by upscaling, color grading, and even removing poor quality shots

Change List:

1. Updated the older MGM and Universal logos.
2. Added a news sound byte during the Universal opening logo: an audio flash forward.
3. Removed the opening scene— Barney’s discussion with Mason and sale of the mask.
4. Removed the opening title: “Hannibal.”
5. Clarice sleeping in the transport is cut (repurposed for a later scene).
6. Opening scene is now the FBI setting up at the Fish Market.
7. Clarice doesn’t talk about Evelda being HIV positive.
8. Significantly trimmed and cut various shots after the drug bust goes wrong— to tighten up the action.
9. Evelda doesn’t say, “Is that you, Starling?”
10. Evelda doesn’t shoot Clarice (originally Clarice was hit in the vest). Clarice instead shoots her attacker in mid-draw before she gets a round off.
11. Slowed down Evelda collapsing which is now the end of the scene. Cut Clarice rushing in to help and washing blood off the baby.
12. Cut Clarice sobbing at home after killing Evelda.
13. Trimmed Clarice watching the news coverage of the botched raid and ATF agent killed.
14. Added trimmed deleted scene of Clarice mourning with a colleague.
15. Mason is no longer shown watching the news.
16. At the meeting, Clarice doesn’t mention the death of the agent or say she resents herself for shooting Evelda.
17. Cut Clarice’s lines about feeling betrayed by her boss and saying, “it changes me.”
18. We meet Mason the same time Clarice does. Removed his parody line, “and nobody beats the Riz [the risen Jesus].” He’s serious about religion, not a troll.
19. Removed parts of Mason’s interview, including talking about throwing away an envelope.
20. Mason doesn’t remark to Clarice that she recoiled from him mentioning the name of God.
21. Moved the Mason peeling flashback and discussion of the package/information he received— to be used in a later scene.
22. Cut the X-ray.
23. Cut Barney and Clarice’s entire discussion of Hannibal’s motivations, roller pigeons, and serial killer memorabilia.
24. Moved initial tape playback of Hannibal’s roller pigeon monologue earlier, but it’s mostly in the background.
25. In her basement office we hear VO of Clarice’s continued conversation with Mason as she listens to the Hannibal tapes. Now it is Mason, not Barney, who gave her the tapes.
26. Trimmed some lines and odd facial expressions from the guy who brings Clarice the box of evidence.
27. Removed emphasis on Barney in the old Hannibal asylum surveillance video.
28. Added the deleted scene of Clarice visiting the abandoned asylum but cut the Barney flashback and corny Hannibal voiceover.
29. Trimmed some redundant lines from the awkward groundskeeper letting Clarice into the asylum.
30. Intercut Clarice searching around Hannibal’s empty, dark cell with Mason’s peeling flashback.
31. Clarice is startled by what sounds like Hannibal.
32. Trimmed the encounter with the old vagrant in the cell.
33. After visiting the asylum, Clarice continues listening to the Hannibal tapes at home.
34. Added trimmed deleted scene of Hannibal offering insight to Inspector Pazzi about the Il Monstro local murders.
35. Added audio riser and hit cue when we see the janitor in the crowd deleted scene— to help hint this could be Il Monstro.
36. Added deleted scene of Pazzi sharing Hannibal’s insight with other officers.
37. Integrated part of the deleted scene of Hannibal narrating his letter— to add his condolences for Jack Crawford’s death.
38. Cut some of the crime photos showcased on Clarice’s wall to make the Botticelli victim photo now attributed to Il Monstro less noticeable.
39. Clarice does not tell Paul a lot of detail why Hannibal dines on his victims. No “public service” motivation.
40. Cut Paul’s corn-poned line. We get it already, he’s an asshole.
41. As Pazzi does internet research, cut him looking at a photo of a secret agent guy he never calls. Didn’t use the deleted scene of this call because it was boring.
42. Pazzi doesn’t smile nervously after Hannibal’s snaps his photo. Removed conversation about how the boxes are a heavy two-man job.
43. When Pazzi picks up evidence from Hannibal, added a brief conversation about Il Monstro from a deleted scene.
44. Hannibal doesn’t say, “okie dokie” when helping Pazzi move stuff.
45. Much less of Mason on the call to check on his killer swine.
46. Hannibal doesn’t turn back to glare weirdly at Pazzi during the opera. Pazzi couldn’t have been so dumb not to know his cover was blown at that point.
47. Hannibal doesn’t go into detailed analysis of the sonnet he gives Allegra, alluding to his own love for Clarice.
48. Hannibal incapacitates Pazzi in a more realistic and predatory manner while Il Monstro watches from the shadows. Added translation of Il Monstro’s short dialogue to the deleted scene footage.
49. Less ok’s and no okey-dokey’s from Hannibal during Pazzi’s confinement and interrogation.
50. When Clarice calls Pazzi to warn him, Hannibal hangs up without saying goodbye.
51. Il Monstro nods to a departing Hannibal as the two share a special serial killer moment (added trimmed deleted scene). Added new voice and subtitles to show Il Monstro’s appreciation.
52. Removed Hannibal’s facial antics before slitting a henchmen’s throat.
53. Cut Mason commenting on footage of Hannibal waving.
54. Added deleted scene of Hannibal’s flight to the US. Created new scene of a disturbing dream he has onboard.
55. Added trimmed deleted scene of Hannibal breaking into Clarice’s car and licking the steering wheel.
56. Cut Clarice listening to the roller pigeon tape again after she’s dismissed from duty.
57. Cut some of Hannibal’s weird lines during his extended phone call with Clarice.
58. Cut the second time the mirror warps the shape of Hannibal’s head during the call.
59. Hannibal doesn’t leave ladies shoes in the photo booth and say, “ta ta.”
60. After Hannibal is kidnapped, cut Clarice saying she is not an hysteric and the lines from her boss about not believing her.
61. Cut the scene of Mason wearing Hannibal’s mask.
62. Cut Mason having Paul repeat the bribe amount and calling him a cocksucker.
63. Rescored Mason telling Hannibal of his soon to be fate as hog food. Now it feels more momentous and ominous.
64. Trimmed Mason falling into the pig pit.
65. Cut a final shot of Hannibal walking away heroically, Clarice in his arms.
66. Shortened Paul’s phone call telling his assistant to hold all his calls. He doesn’t mention the holiday.
67. Added a radio playing a New Year’s celebration broadcast as Paul sees the sparkler going off in his kitchen.
68. Trimmed some moments of the dinner, including some of Paul’s rude comments to Clarice. He’s still rude at dinner, but the point that he’s a “rude person” isn’t beaten like a dead horse.
69. Hannibal does not shed a CG tear before he brings down the cleaver.
70. Cut Clarice chasing Hannibal outside after he flees the Lake house. Hannibal has now cut off her hand, not his own.
71. Added deleted scene of Hannibal getting the van and escaping— to emphasize he is not injured. Added the full VO audio tape of the roller pigeon monologue here, removing reference to Barney.
72. Using shots from the film, Prisoners, created a new scene of an unmarked police car driving at a high speed. We learn Clarice is being rushed to the hospital, but that Hannibal took her hand.
73. Using earlier footage of sleeping in the transport, added grading and VFX so Clarice is in the backseat of the police car and wakes up.
74. The original plane brain scene is mixed with much of the alternate version so that Hannibal’s arm is not in a sling.
75. Added earlier end title, “Dinner With Hannibal.”
76. Removed end scrolling title, “Hannibal.”
77. Stopped your friendly neighborhood cannibal from saying “ta ta… H” after the credits.

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(Updated: September 11, 2023)
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YES! YES YES! You literally saved this movie for me! What a fantastic edit.
It was by far the weakest of the Anthony Hopkins films, but this has really put it up there right next to Silence for me.

Moving the majority of Clarice's downfall to the first act, then the majority of Inspector Pazzi to the second act, then the overall conclusion of all plotlines into the third act was masterful! Hannibal's first real appearance on screen is at 22 mins, which is MUCH better. Keeps him in the dark for slightly longer and I love it. The inclusion of the deleted scenes around the "Botticelli murderer" was very cool, even though it was obvious from their quality that they were added-in (not Krausfadr's fault so no points deducted). I really appreciated the small glimpse into the old, case-solving Lecter.

During the ingenious Mason Verger flashback / asylum scene combination, I had a very slight awareness of the edits was throughout , but I have to say it was very well done narratively. The voiceover was great, and it turned two boring scenes into one interesting scene. One piece of constructive criticism though: why does Clarice fall during the opening shootout if she isn't shot? She's a trained agent, there's no way the force of her gun would knock her over. Maybe cutting it so we only see Evelda die would be better.

I'm giving 10's across the board for this one, it deserves it.

EDIT: and how can I forget the chop at the end!! What an improvement to the ending. I absolutely loved it.

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