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(Updated: September 11, 2023)
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YES! YES YES! You literally saved this movie for me! What a fantastic edit.
It was by far the weakest of the Anthony Hopkins films, but this has really put it up there right next to Silence for me.

Moving the majority of Clarice's downfall to the first act, then the majority of Inspector Pazzi to the second act, then the overall conclusion of all plotlines into the third act was masterful! Hannibal's first real appearance on screen is at 22 mins, which is MUCH better. Keeps him in the dark for slightly longer and I love it. The inclusion of the deleted scenes around the "Botticelli murderer" was very cool, even though it was obvious from their quality that they were added-in (not Krausfadr's fault so no points deducted). I really appreciated the small glimpse into the old, case-solving Lecter.

During the ingenious Mason Verger flashback / asylum scene combination, I had a very slight awareness of the edits was throughout , but I have to say it was very well done narratively. The voiceover was great, and it turned two boring scenes into one interesting scene. One piece of constructive criticism though: why does Clarice fall during the opening shootout if she isn't shot? She's a trained agent, there's no way the force of her gun would knock her over. Maybe cutting it so we only see Evelda die would be better.

I'm giving 10's across the board for this one, it deserves it.

EDIT: and how can I forget the chop at the end!! What an improvement to the ending. I absolutely loved it.

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September 12, 2023
Thanks for watching and reviewing! Hannibal’s ponytail is gone but will never be forgotten.
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