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HHmmmm I am struggling to give a review on how I really feel about this edit. I saw this film in the theatre when it was released. And thought it sucked. A case of some really good actors in a bad version of a movie. And felt the same every time I have watched it since then. So I saw the offer of this edit and thought lets hope. I watched and still think the same. BUT that has absolutely nothing to do with the edit. Maybe tooo much previous bias on my part. To me this edit might of made a good episode of Hitchcock presents. The music added for me does change the scenes and how I feel about them. The editing flowed nicely but I did catch myself asking "what about...". But I don't do techie reviews I do enjoyment. I did enjoy this edit and watched as soon as it finished downloading. Again I have bias against the original film. But I watched this edit and don't in any way shape or form feel as if I wasted an hour of my life. Dawnrazor took , for me a snoozer of a film and made it watchable. And I gave it a 9 on enjoyment again because of my bias. But on my popcorn scale I will give it a 4 out of 5 because I am biased. I have enjoyed Dawnrazors edits and I am sure I will continue to do so.

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