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Originally released as an 8 part mini-series on Netflix, The Defenders was met with a lukewarm reception from fans and critics. This edit is a fairly straight-forward but thorough reduction to make this Marvel TV crossover faster paced and more excting.
The Marvel shows on Netflix were an interesting experiment that yielded some tremendous results. Some did not work however, and The Defenders in particular was disappointing. It combined the strongest elements with some of the weakest ones, and because it was the big crossover, it is basically necessary viewing for fans of any of the other shows. There are great character moments and fun action, so The Defenders seemed like a perfect candidate for a fanedit.
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Editing Details:
I had a few goals in mind when I approached this edit:

- Drastically reduce down-time and exposition, ramp up the pace and hopefully the excitement.
- Streamline the convoluted villain plot as The Hand are one of the weaker aspects of the show.
- Thin out the introductory sequences and have characters cross paths more naturally.
- Diminish the Iron Fist effect. No offence to Finn Jones (who is trying his best) but Danny is the worst written character, coming from the weakest show. As he is mostly used as a macguffin in this, his solo material was the easiest to cut.
- Cut the weaker action sequences.
Cuts and Additions:
A complete cut list would be too long to list here. I've cut nearly 3 full hours and practically every scene is adjusted in some way. This is the gist of the edit:

- New opening based on s1e3's opening: the resurrection and training of Elektra. The former is the opening credit sequence, and the latter a montage that is expanded beyond Elektra's training and into her various kills (culled from Danny subplot footage). The montage catches us up to present day, and there are no other flashbacks.
- First Act. Comprised of the first 3 episodes. The various subplots of Luke/Matt/Jessica are trimmed down. Danny's cut entirely until Luke fights him. Stick is also cut until he appears to the Defenders in act 2. Alexandra's visit to the hospital cut. Her illness is revealed later, so she is seen as a threat before a dying woman.
- Second Act. Best described as the life and death of Stick. His arrival brings important exposition and his death is a textbook "all is lost" moment. Episodes 4, 5 and 6, with a lot of down-time cut from the many hostage situations that take place. The restaurant sequence cut down, including removing Alexandra appearing there and Jessica leaving (along with all of her activities outside). Bakuto's first confrontation with Danny and Colleen cut, along with Murakami attacking Trish and several Hand meeting scenes.
- Third Act. Episodes 7 and 8, and the most heavily changed of all. Dramatic cuts to the group's time in the police station, as well as all of the scenes getting the Defenders down the elevator at the Hand lair. Matt, Jessica and Luke escape the station and we immediately pick up with the Defenders arriving to fight with Colleen and Claire upstairs planting bombs. The ending scenes trimmed for pacing. The reveal of Matt with the nuns is the final shot going into the closing credits.
-Mid-Credit Sequence. In typical Marvel fashion, there is a humourous stinger in the credits. It is the Defenders riding the train to battle, cut from the third act.

I do have a full, 10 page document detailing every change for anyone crazy enough to read it. Available on request.

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