Dead Heat: The Norwegian Composite

Dead Heat: The Norwegian Composite
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Anchor Bay released the film in the US on dvd and included about 20 mins of deleted/extra scenes. Some of these scenes ended up in rare tv airings of the film (like the cameo from Dick Miller) and all of the quality is pretty rough.

The Norwegian VHS tape (possibly accidentally) used their tv print of the film instead of the R-rated version for the home video market. This features the film in English but has burned in Norwegian subtitles. What makes this cut exclusive is that it features some of the deleted scenes that appear on the Anchor bay set (but in much better quality than the Anchor Bay versions) as well as quite a few scenes and odd flashbacks that only appear in this edition of the film
This extends and slightly recuts the film to incorporate all of the television (and odd flashback sequences) that appear in the super rare (and official) Norwegian vhs version. Because of some of these new added scenes, a few seconds here and there had to be removed from the R-rated version due to them either contradicting what the actors just spoke about or for alternate angles/shots.
Additional Notes:
Like many of you, I had never heard of this film previously. It was not until a friend of mine from Norway had mentioned the film and his exclusive Norwegian vhs version and trying to edit it all together. He had no editing skills to speak of and sent me the tape to make it all work. It was more work then I had asked for (converting the PAL tape to ntsc, making the whole thing progressive, etc)

The film is a Horror Comedy starring Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams investigating crimes committed by otherwise previously dead criminals. It then spirals from there, featuring a lot of gory and nicely done special effects. The humor is present though not over the top and some of the things that do occur in the film strike me since it made it a lot more serious in tone. It should also be noted that the film stars Vincent price and Darren McGavin as well.

NOTE** as of Feb 2013 --Ver 2 fixed an unforeseen issue (bitrate spike)also updated menu info about screaming skull (thanks Dwight), no more bitrate spikes

I received this mini review from a friend of the Director of the film Mark Goldbaltt:

"Hey, (censored name), I thought you would be interested to know that I shared a copy of this with the film's director, Mark Goldblatt, who's a friend of mine. He was VERY happy to receive it and thanks you for all the hard work you put into creating it.

This is what he wrote me when I first told him about it: "I had no idea that this Norwegian alternate t-v version existed. It sounds like it's possibly padded out for a longer running time. The 'odd flashbacks' had to have been created in Norway since the only flashback that ever existed in the film was the 'Death Day Party' dream scene which was deleted in the final version for creative reasons. I'm especially interested in the restored scenes that were presented as extras on the Anchor Bay version, but from a work-print source. My memory on this is a little hazy, since I'm unsure if we actually made an answer print of the original version that we first previewed, before addressing studio notes with additional edits, tightenings, and deletions. We must have done, since that's the only way the Norwegian version would contain more pristine images than the work-print source would produce. But how did the Norwegians get access to the deleted negative?? Very puzzling."
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Knut and Dwight Fry

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pretty bare bones, but has dvd rom section with dvd cover art and an about the film word doc.

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