Counselor: Special Edition, The

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The House Always Wins in the End.
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A tighter, more focused story of savvy criminal defense lawyer, known for doing the right thing for the wrong people, who decides to use his connections for some quick cash. But the House always wins in the end.
I liked this movie when it came out despite the problems.

Just watched it again, and this scene makes it worth saving:

Even now in these times it seems like it could be a great tale (the monologues are amazing) of dumb confident cocky anybody (the counselor) trying to do a deal like he has dreamed of with everyone telling him how dumb an idea it is, and then having his first deal go bad and him not realizing the danger he has gotten himself into until its too late. I love Reiner as an old misogynist that is getting bored and disillusioned as well as meeting his match in Malkina. My plan is to take out as much of the sappy love scenes without removing their intent, will still try to show the relationship and Laura's naivete. Remove some of the excessive pompous lines while keeping Malkina fierce and cold and the boys obliviously spoiled.
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Editing Details:
For MANY reasons, I ended up removing the whole Malkina subplot and kept her to a simple strong woman that was to intimidating for Reiner. Then, there simply wasn't enough character development (with good writing) for any of the women IMO, so I ended up focusing on the POV of the Counselor mainly, removing most all the scenes without the Counselor or Reiner involved. With a tandem story of the drug shipment's journey from Juarez to Chicago.
Cuts and Additions:
• Removed initial horrible bedroom scene.
• Reiner and Malkina first cats 'n' cocktails scene removed.
• Removed Counselor walking in Amsterdam.
• Trimmed Diamond dealer scene slightly to make the Counselor seem more informed about diamonds.
• Moved proposal scene to before Reiner introduction, and trimmed to seem less awkward. Removed piano player with cheetah.
• Trimmed Reiner office scene with the Counselor slightly to remove implication that the office is Malkina's.
• Trimmed Biker and woman conversation to removed "systemic reaction" line, and moved to after prison conversation to connect importance. Biker's arrival home also trimmed to get to the point that he has a dog.
• Trimmed Reiner and Counselor's discussion confirming deal to remove Counselor "needing" cash, which is never explained. Now it seems like he is just greedy.
• Trimmed Westray and Counselor scene slightly to remove awkward joke about doing math in someone's head, and Westray's look at the server just for the timing. He likes women just as much as Reiner, but he is smooth about it.
• Moved and trimmed Laura and Malkina pool scene.
• Trimmed prison scene trimmed to remove "or time of day" line about speed. (we get it.)
• Trimmed Reiner's story in the club to get more to the point. (We know he a "talker" but alright already, this is as painful as listening to one of these guys IRL)
• Removed Malkina conversation with hit-people. She is not secretly taking the shipment. She is instead simply a cynical, strong, independent woman in this edit.
• Removed Malkina and Priest scene.
• Removed Laura and Counselor "phone sex attempt" scene.
• Trimmed Car sex discussion scene to remove mention of how long in the past this was, and the demeaning "bottomfeeder" line (kept a catfish on an aquarium wall part though...)
• Removed hitman at cycle dealership and hitman's wire setup to just the execution, and removed him retrieving head.
• Removed Laura's call to Malkina.
• Trimmed Counselor's discussion with Westray at the hotel bar.
• Trimmed Laura and the Counselor's discussion about Boise to seem more naturally urgent.
• Trimmed Reiner and Malkina's poolside discussion slightly to end with her assessing the situation and saying she is gone at the first sign of danger, to show Malkina was the ONLY one smart enough to take care of herself. This is the last we see of Maklina.
• Removed Malkina's balcony phone call.
• Removed cheetah at the family pool scene.
• Trimmed Westray's arrival to London to remove the hotel interaction, and moved scene to just before the truck lands in Chicago.
• Moved El Jefe scene to after Westray's murder.
• Removed scene with Malkina and female assassin.
• Shortened Westray's death scene to begin when Westray is walking down stairs.
• Removed Malkina from Westray's assassination. The implication is that Westray's death is still due to the bad deal, and only people allowed to be alive are still alive.
• The diner/bar scene trimmed to go directly from the bar owner discussing his dead family to the Counselor on the phone with El Jefe.
• Removed the Counselor's alleyway walk, hotel room arrival.
• Snuff film delivery scene trimmed. Ends with dump image, roll credits.
• Removed Malkina's discussion with her banker.

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